Reiki healing done for uniting a couple

Soma No Prescription Overnight COD Delivery Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your love and kind support to us. Today, we are extremely happy and are pleased to share an immediate result for the Reiki healing done by us, which we were able to see within an hour of our initiation. We have been always telling you all that the success and speed of a Reiki healing is dependent on a receiver, rather than a Reiki healer or any practitioner, but today we have a proof of it with us.

Reiki Grid 11 Sep 12

Since last Saturday, we have been asked to look out for our receiver’s husband, who seem to have left his home after some ego issues and arguments with our friend. We have always been telling and advising everyone to stay positive and loving with their spouse, but what has to happen, has to and we are unable to stop it. So, after this guy left his home, he switched off his mobile phones. and was untraceable at his parent’s home or even at his friends’ place. Our friend looked for him in every location, where he could be traced, but everywhere looked like a failure. She was a lonely female at home, with a very little moral support from her own family, so she was very much stressed. She called us and wanted to confirm us if we are able to sense if he is fine and safe, so after some Aura analysis, we were able to feel him perfectly fine and safe. We than replied her that we were able to feel him safe and that everything was fine, though we could sense the negative vibes from him, which could be the anger filled in him. We also then told her that she should be getting some communication from her husband by late evening, but she told us next day that only got a call from her father in law. On Sunday again, the same situation continued and she was feeling restless and sad. Her voice was telling us that she had been crying whole day and was missing her husband, whom she loved a lot. So yesterday evening, she asked us to do some Reiki healing for getting her husband back to us, and since we have left our Reiki center, we asked her to start from Monday, that is today. So, today noon, after our lunch, we made some changes in our Reiki Grid as per the image attach here, and than started the Reiki healing for her and our other receivers.

After the initiation and Reiki healing to all of our receivers, we disconnected ourselves from Reiki grid and were just discussing about a different few things. Suddenly, we got a call from her telling us that she got a confirmation that her husband was with his father all that time, and this was all done as a plan to teach them both a lesson, to stay loving. It just made us relaxed as our efforts have started showing a good and positive result and what we have learned from our teachers was very much working and yielding success. I than thanked our fellow Reiki Master Mr Navneet Mathur, who helped me in arranging and in the initiation of this new Reiki grid, since arranging it alone could be difficult. Since the crystal clusters were heavy, I would be unable to lift and place them in our Reiki grid.

I am grateful to Reiki energy, to our Reiki teachers, fellow Reiki energies and all of you for your kind support and all the love you have been giving us. We are truly satisfied with what we are able to do using all the positive affirmations we are taught or are learning everyday. Thank you dear receiver, we wish you a very very happy and a never ending love filled great married life.

Reiki Blessings to all of our fellow receivers, anyone they know, Love and light to you all.

Vineet Jain