Reiki energy Protection from negative radiations

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your kind queries, which are helping us to work more in a positive direction and provide better guidance to you all. We always welcome any challenge or obstacle with open heart, as every such obstacle is going to help us in burning the blockages or in spread of positive light. We are today highly thankful to our fellow Reiki Master from Romania, who want her name to be a secret, as in her earlier articles too, so we will keep her words.

Sometime back, she asked us if we know someway to keep ourselves protected from the negative radiations of mobile phones or any other such energy. We all are aware that every energy transmit radiation, but when two different energies contradict, one of the two may hurt or harm the other. Similarly, mobile phone, electric transformer, high tension wires, micro wave and some others are very common examples, the radiations of which scare us all. Now even some countries government have made it compulsory to make their devices, which emit less radiation. These negative  radiations harm our body, or in other words, we can call that they block our Chakras.

First of all, we all must understand that why do they harm us, and it is very simple that we and our immune system is weak, and therefore they are able to attack. In some cases, where they attack, but it is turned back by a better immune system energies, due to prolong connection or regular contact with such radiation emitting energies may destroy our immune system, slowly and may later start creating the blockage in respective Chakras. The solution what we felt or understood is very simple to follow, which everyone of us can, if we wish.

Everyone of us should use rock salt in meals, shower, so that we have a protection cover on our outer body and Chakras are free from blockage. Regular and everyday cleansing of our self Chakras should be done, without ignoring or due to our carelessness. Regular diets of fresh fruits, vegetables and dry fruits should be increased, so that our immune system and metabolism is as strong as may be needed. We all must keep ourselves calm, happy and smiling, as this also works as a magic medicine in dissolving any kind of blockage.

Spraying rock salt solution on walls of our home also help in protecting it from negative radiations, and if we also clean our floor with it, it helps inside too. Reiki symbols like Cho Ku Rei, Rama, Kriya, Vasudha, Zonar also helps in burning of radiation energy if entered any energy. Self deep meditation also help in opening the blockages for oneself, but should be done in a direction and support of some other fellow energy.

Please note that consumption of junk food, alcohol, spicy meals, oily food or even use of tobacco or any other drug or weed may spoil your metabolism and immune system. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your routine with a health giving and nourishment rich meals only. Avoid getting angry or short tempered, being sad or depressed may also spoil and create further new blockages. Try to take at least one hour full of laughter, smiles and love, spending your time with family or friends, which keep you fresh. If you feel like all friends or family members are busy, you can do the same through internet or the idiot box (TV).

Keep yourself cheerful, lively as it will help in burning the blockages faster and easily. Reiki touch healing will also help in a rapid healing for radiation, so please try to remember to perform self touch healing, every day if you are using too much of cell phones or any of such gadgets, machinery etc.

We are sure that using above methods, you all will be able to stay protected from radiations and if affected by it, you can clear off the blockage created by it. We all the fellow Reiki practitioners at our center at Reiki Energy Healers are thankful to you all for your love and blessings.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain