Reiki Energy Healers unite to spread love and light

Fellow Energies, we are thankful to you all for helping us in our path of love and light. We are really happy to see and read your love filled emails and receive your positive phone calls. It is really you all, who is helping us perform better and that we are able to help others in a effective way.

Today was a general meeting for our all Reiki Grand Masters at our Reiki Healing center, where we invite all of our fellow Reiki Grand Masters. This was to discuss our future plans and how to implement new ideas, that were generated in past sometime. Since my coming back from Dubai trip, I had been thinking a lot of changes, and today was the day to finalize them. We today discussed on what new to be added in our Reiki workshops, the fees structure, the material to be provided to our students and the duties of our fellow Reiki Grand Masters. 

We had been taking our workshops, and I can feel that at times, our other fellow Reiki Masters were unable to speak much or teach much due to the inexperience. This time, I gave one duty to every one of them. I asked each one to tell that what topic do the feel as having an expertise on, so that they will be given time to teach. After finalizing the topics and distributing different topics to all, I asked them to write some of their own original content on the said topic, which may be used in our Reiki notes book of future. Since everyone was an expert in their topic, it was easy to write on their favorite subject. This was going to help all to teach, explain and also to teach in their own way. 

We also discussed to write their Reiki healing experiences, which we can share on our website and in our book or newsletter, time to time. We also discussed the share of the income coming from our workshops, so that they all should feel open and interested to work more. Now, we also discussed on our future marketing strategy and the expenses part, since it was going to be one of the main topics of today.

During this session, we have our fellow Reiki Healer Mr Mantri visit and he was stressed for his business. It was sort of a golden opportunity for him and us, and we all gave him a Mass Financial Reiki Healing. We are sure that it will be giving him good positive results, since we were able to see good results. We also checked that he had been ignoring Sei Hei Ki, the emotional Reiki symbol and its importance. He was just using the Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei and visualizing it in white color, while we had taught him to always use Sei Hei Ki with any other symbol in pink color.

After this Mass Reiki Healing and discussion, we thanked Reiki energy and every other fellow energy. Finally, we gave Reiki Healing to our Reiki Grid and left for our respective homes. We are sure that our future students will see a lot of good changes in our fellow Reiki healers and Reiki Masters’ attitude.

Thanks to you all for your kind blessings, love and light.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain