Psychic Surgery for cataract procedure used by some of Reiki Masters including us here

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Fellow Energies, I am writing this article in a small procedure, which is used by the Reiki Masters here at Reiki Energy healers, so as to heal energies with Cataract problem or any other bad eye infection. This procedure should only be done by any Reiki Master and all the Reiki Healers may sustain doing it. This is my humble request to all the Reiki Healers who may be reading this article, should just read this article, so as for their future but may not use it without their mastership attunement. We must all understand it here, that Psychic Surgery in Reiki Healing need a higher energy, and therefore, Reiki Healers can ask their maters to perform it or get their Mastership done in order to perform these kind of healings.

I am being asked by my friends and people here, that if this article is not of any use of normal Reiki Healers, than why am I writing it? Dear beloved energies, I am writing it, just for the benefit of other Reiki Masters, since the Psychic Surgery taught to us in India, is a bit different taught in several other parts of the world. I just wanted to share with other Reiki Masters, so that they can do a bit different kind of healing and can feel the experience, what we and our students are going through. They will be now able to teach their students about it too after reading it.

First of all, we all know that we need to connect to the receiver and supreme energy. After cleaning and purifying the receiver, we should visualize it on a operation table, in front of us. Since it may take some longer time, this healing is generally done better in distance healing. Now we must follow all the procedures for any normal surgery. However, since it is the matter of eye, we should try to replace it with the new and fresh eye. Remember that we need to take all the operation instruments and organs from Supreme energy in Sky and burn up all the used and waste products in Hell’s fire. After conducting the operation, we should rub the body of receiver with Golden oil, using supreme energy symbol. After that, we must keep in mind to lock, seal and establishing of the power symbol, and disconnecting.

As always, we must pay our gratitude to our Reiki Masters, Reiki Teachers, and energy receiver. We must also be grateful for our Reiki energy, Hell’s fire, and our Reiki instruments used. Remember, that for Psychic surgery, we should use seven Chakra wand or some other powerful crystal. Also please wash your hands and the crystals after the surgery, since sometimes, our hands or things used in surgery smell of blood. This only shows how was the intensity of our surgery and how successful it went.

Here, we have done many kidney damage treatments, Liver damages, Cancer treatments, Cataract etc. This Psychic surgery may look very simple and easy to you, but really, the results are overwhelming.

Thank you all for reading and sharing our articles here.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain