PSI and Pumping technique for Protective shield

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for sending your love filled comments and suggestions to us. We are thankful for sending your kind emails with your experiments and new ways to learn different healing methods. As told you in our earlier posts, we got this method of PSI healing energy from our fellow Indian Reiki Healer practitioner Sriram Bharat. Every time when we do our Reiki healing, we feel grateful to him, Mr Gagan and many others, who have enlighten us. The same is for our fellow energies and all of you, who have been following or sending your comments and emails.

Today again, we are going to share another great article as sent by Sriram Bharat, and this is again as per the name, Reiki healing done by using PSI energy methods. This will explain you for a better self protection, using Reiki symbol and PSI energy techniques. Please note one small thing that in order to keep privacy or secrecy of Reiki symbol names and procedures, we have given them names here. As we all know that these numbers go as follow: no. 1 Cho Ku Rei, no. 2 Sei Hei Ki, no. 3 Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, no. 4 Dai koo Myo.


Hi friends day by day my experiments were successfully giving greatest satisfaction which is helping many people I think. As I’m sharing these experiments with my close associates and also to reikienergyhealers because good and love should spread as much as possible. As  l’m sharing my experiences about the experiments which are reaching my expectations.

                        Every time while I m having journey through bus or car or auto or anything I used to just visualize the glass box around it and draw cho ku rei symbol on each and every face of that box and I believe it will protect myself and all people along with me.

       My Experience:-

Coming to my experience some days back while I m traveling through auto I am just visualizing same I explained above glass box method.But I got one thought how to feel the shield around us instead of just visualizing it around it.Suddenly I got one thought that and see the step by step procedure below.



Gratitude to reiki,mikao usi,hayashi,takata,Almighty(any god),parents and family members,friends,Guru(Vineet Jain),myself,reiki.

Draw 1 3 1 Symbols on sky and on us.


Put your palms in cup shape where air should not enter inside it. Then perform the experiment by bringing our hands closely do it in slow speed where we have to feel every millimeter when we bring our hands close. This bringing together can be started from a distance as long as we open our arms, and than gradually should try to bring them close. The point, where we feel some kind of air pressure, heat or any other vibration, we should stop and open our eyes to see the location. 


From the above step make a small psi box and keep it at our heart and send it inside by grinding it.



Here just inhale(white light) and exhale positively means we will exhale the while light in to the PSI box where it increases step by step in to our size which is a technique for shielding our self.


If we were doing for a vehicle, room or house the same procedure in step2,3,4 should be done and we have to do more intakes and outs of our breathes till the PSI box covers our target(vehicle, room or house).


Gratitude to reiki,mikao usi,hayashi,takata,Almighty(any god),parents and family members,friends,Guru(Vineet Jain),myself,reiki.



Inhale and Exhale slowly  avoid fast breathes .Better results occur when you are calm.

All the very best to the people who will do this for protecting theirselfs, families, houses, shops, hospitals and vehicles etc.

I wish almighty that love and light should spread totally to the universe  where love and light are the true shield of protection.

Finally I say Experience your experiments to reach your expectations.

We are thankful to our Reiki teachers, our fellow energies, you dear Sriram and all of you reading or sharing our articles.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain