PSI and Pumping technique for financial growth

Fellow energies, here we are grateful to you all and especially our fellow Reiki practitioner Sriram Bharat, who have almost given his all to Reiki and positive energies. He has been sending us so much love and light filled emails, that we are forced to share them with you. We are sure that if you are reading his articles, you will be able to feel his vision and also to feel the efforts behind them.

These days my experiments were successfully giving greatest satisfaction which is helping many people I think. As I’m sharing these experiments with my close associates and also to because good and love should spread as much as possible. Previously I have shared the article based on buy Soma with no rx, purchase Soma COD PSI and Pumping technique for Protective shield where I told you to experience your Soma free consultation experiments which are reaching my cod pay soma expectations.

                        As I told you in that article where I get used to think about the protection and I then get succeeded by performing it in my daily life with more experiences.

But coming to CHEAP Soma BY MONEY ORDER ~ Soma PSI and Pumping technique for financial growth this thought has raised in my minds where one of my close persons (For privacy reasons I m unable to mention them) are suffering from financial issues.

Then I m thinking about the people who are having land problems and also root cause of it.Then I start thinked about it in calm and meditative states.Then I got an answer that many people will get energy from the universe but they often neglect the mother nature and Earth.

So if you give some energy to Earth then it will give some land to you that is in the form of energy exchange. buy soma cheap no prescription My Experience:-

So After I got this thought same thing then I applied one experiment in my visualization which I explained below where I got positive sign just in the span of 5-6 hours. Due to privacy reasons I m unable give you any clues but I have seen result.

     Experiment:-  (Psi Ball Method)

Daily you have to use rock salt in your bath and do push ups to activate Mooladhara Chakra (Base Chakra)

While doing these below steps keep Cho Ku Rei music chant in the back ground or chant the Cho Ku Rei .


Gratitude to Reiki energy, Mikao usui, Hayashi, Takata, Almighty(any god), parents and family members, friends, Guru(Vineet Jain), myself and you all.


Draw 1 3 1 Symbols on sky or sun and on yourself.

The above one has done to take power from them.


Put your palms in cup shape where air should not enter inside it. Then perform the experiment by bringing our hands closely do it in slow speed where we have to feel every millimeter when we bring our hands close. This bringing together can be started from a distance as long as we open our arms, and than gradually should try to bring them close. The point, where we feel some kind of air pressure, heat or any other vibration, we should stop and open our eyes to see the location.


From the above step make a small psi ball and keep it at our mooladhar Chakra or BASE chakra and send it inside by grinding it.

And also draw Cho Ku Rei symbol on the psi ball to fill the power inside it before grinding it at Base chakra.


Here just inhale (white light) and exhale positively means we will exhale the while light in to the PSI ball where it increases step by step in to our size which is a technique for sending power to our mother earth. Where there is a great connection in the form of pipe between our base chakra and earth.Then if you pump the positive light energy to the earth while chanting choku rei then you are giving the energy to the whole mother earth.



Here we have visualize properly starting from your base chakra to total earth.

While pumping the white light at Base Chakra first it covers ourselves then èour surroundings(room), our house our properties, our town, our district, our state, our country, our continent, Total Earth.

At the End you have to do at least 10 minutes for earth and do rest of it for 30 sec to 1 min.

Here avoid confusion you can visualize our single breathe will cover our room to continent.

Then for the Earth send maximum breathes where each breathe strengthens our mother Earth.

If it is possible try to visualize that all the dry lands turning into green lands by empowering our mother earth with our pure enlightment.


Gratitude to Reiki energy, Mikao usui, Hayashi, Takata, Almighty(any god), parents and family members, friends, Guru(Vineet Jain), myself and all of you.



Inhale and Exhale slowly  avoid fast breathes .Better results occur when you are calm.

All the very best to the people who will do this for protecting their self, families, houses, shops, hospitals and vehicles etc.

I wish almighty that love and light should spread totally to the universe  where love and light are the true shield of protection.

Finally I say Experience your experiments to reach your expectations.

Reiki blessing, Love and Light to our adorable writer cum fellow Reiki practitioner Sriram Bharat, you all and yours

Vineet Jain