protection and cure from Black Magic

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your sharing and acceptance of Reiki and other positive cosmic energies in your life. We are thankful to our teachers and fellow energies, which taught us so many different knowledge about energies around us, which were really amazing. We know that it is difficult to summarise everything in here, but still, our hope is that you all can very well understand and accept it too.

Since last month, we have been getting mails from a fellow energy from our city only that she is affected by black magic, and wanted to know if we could heal. We replied her that we should first meet up, and than only we can tell that what kind of blockage she possess, and how much time, effort would be needed in burning her blockages. However, she have been just replying about her inability to visit our center at Reiki Energy Healers, since it was far (about 1 hour by metro) from her place, and she want to know more about it. Later, she want to know if we can help in purchasing a few stones like 

1. Black Tourmaline 
2. Hematite 
3. Tiger Eye 
4.Aqua Aura
as she learned about them are used in protection and healing of Black Magic. I am slightly confused by this statement of hers, as nothing itself can heal black magic, until it is charged or programmed. Since she herself was never attuned and already looking for a Reiki Master healer, it was strange on how she could heal herself, using these stones. However, as per our personal experience and study, we asked her to keep some rock salt with her, all the time, use rock salt in her meals and showers too. As per our past experiences, if any energy is blocked by black magic, rock salt helps in burning blockages and heal too, without much effort. However, there still is a need of Reiki practitioner or any other cosmic energy healer, for guiding and healing permanent.
This rock salt remedy will be able to heal her to some extent, and one she is able to think better and with a broader prospective, she could meet us or any other Reiki Master, she chose. The purpose for this article write up is just to share that without a proper information and knowledge, it is useless to just buy things. Having different positive energies is a different prospective, than having and using it. Those with good amount of finances can buy anything, but its still difficult to buy a good sleep. Money can buy crowd, but it is difficult to get one real lover. 
Anyway, I just mean that instead of buying tools, we should be having proper knowledge on how to use them wisely. Rock salt is easily available, all across the world, may be by the name of rock salt, sea salt etc. The name might be different, but the energy, purpose and everything is same.
Thanks to you all for your precious time and patience.
Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you and yours.
Vineet Jain