Points to remember while performing Reiki Healing

Soma 50mg no prescription required no dr by fedex Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your kind queries, suggestions and mails, which we are getting everyday. We are thankful for your all the emails and the patience in getting our replies, a bit delayed. Yesterday, we were discussing the procedures, our fellow Reiki energy was using, while giving healing to her father. 

She was telling us about the different chants and Reiki symbols she was using in for healing her father, and was able to see a great improvement in him. Her father had been blocked using Psychic attack by her aunt, for property and other matter. Since she came into contact with Reiki healing energy and different great Reiki teachers, all around the globe, her life changed.  She was slight confused on when she is healing her with all the initiations and visualisations as learned, why was the blockage returning. We also got confused, so asked her the complete procedure she was following, so that we can check what was missing or wrong. We all the fellow Reiki Masters of our centre ‘Reiki Energy Healers’ sat and listen to her.  She told us that she was invoking Reiki healing healing energy first, and than used Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei to cleanse the blockage in her father’s Aura. She than drew Reiki symbols Sei Hei Ki, Dai Koo Myo, Vasudha, Apta, Rama and used some spiritual chants for healing him. During Reiki healing session, she was visualising that he was all improved and a normal person, as was earlier. After this, she locked and sealed Reiki healing energy at his Heart Chakra, using Reiki Raku and Cho Ku Rei symbol. Finally time was for giving gratitude to every energy she could remember, like her Reiki teachers, Reiki energy, family, friends and everyone.

After listening to her, we found out that burning of negative energy and blockage was missing. On asking her, she told us that she was just drawing Reiki symbols for removing the blockage and negativity, but have forgotten to burn it. We told her that since some Reiki practitioners are visualising that they are taking off all the negativity and blockage, but then they dissolve it in the universe or throw it in the atmosphere. This was definitely, what she or some others were doing wrong or making mistake. We have been discussing and most of us all are aware of the fact that a good and successful Reiki healing depends on how good our visualisation is. If we are able to visualise that the negativity or blockage is burnt completely, than only it is burned. If we throw it in the universe, it may come back to our receiver or any other fellow energy. It may come to us too, if we forget to protect ourself from negativity present in the universe.

We have been taught to visualise a volcanic lava flowing close to us, as we all know what goes inside the lava is burned completely and it is impossible to get it back out of it. She was able to understand this small concept and we all are also sure that many of those reading this article will also be able to get our point here. This way, we will be able to help in burning all the negativity and blockage from our receivers and it will never be able to return to our receiver or anyone else. We also need to keep in our mind to pay our gratitude to this hell of fire or volcanic lava.

We are thankful to all of our fellow energies, Reiki teachers and everyone of you.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain