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cod pharmacy soma Fellow energies, we have been narrating our personal experiences and also of our other fellow energies, who send us by email so as to share with you. We are really happy and are grateful for your love filled emails, which we love to share and are thankful to you all for accepting them.

Today was a great day for us, as one of our old receiver called from USA and asked us about what was blocking his business and personal life. We should remind you that he is the one, who asked us for Reiki Healings for his office and personal relationship with his wife. He seemed to be in deep trouble earlier, when he asked us for Reiki healing for his business and personal relationship, which we agreed to start after a small energy exchange as the initial start up. 

He asked us to pay us later, and after sometime, he told us that his personal life was improving and was also able to see some improvement in his Mumbai based office. We asked him to pay, but every time he seem to be postponing for some or the other reasons, and since we had been positive and optimistic, we continued our Healings. In the meanwhile, we performed many Psychic surgeries, Psychic attack removals for him, and he as usual keep delaying the payments. After about 4 months of Reiki Healing, we asked him to pay or we have to stop all Reiki Healings, since our fellow Reiki healers and Reiki masters were to be paid.

It was a rude shock for us when he bluntly denied us to pay and offered a bare small amount for us, which was quite a small amount. We however accepted it and told him to pay of he need further Reiki healings or readings in future by us. He called us today and asked us that the things were going on slow, but moving and after the Reiki healings stopped, everything came to a halt. His personal life too was into shackles and seem like everything was shaking in and around his life. We emailed him to perform full energy exchange, which was due last time, or to make it in small parts if possible. We are sure that this time, we would love to be treated well and as we deserve. We have to pay our other fellow Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters, who were to be paid last time as his dues.

We are sure to see his things improving once he start performing energy exchange, which has been due since last time.

Thank you all for helping and supporting us in our Reiki Healing and ongoing journey to a better positive life.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain