online Reiki courses cheap watson soma online Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your nice and interesting queries. We have been reading and trying to understand each of those, but replying them made us read a lot, so we got late in our replies. We were asked about if we also undertake distance Reiki course and do we accept the online Reiki courses, available on many websites. We were also suggested to start it on our blog, as it was a good and easy money thing for us. Order Soma no script next day delivery We are thankful to our fellow energy, for suggesting us this method for earning, however, our concept and thinking of online or distance teaching is altogether different. We know that now a days, many companies and Reiki Masters are selling a complete package online, where anyone can spend a few hundred US Dollars and can become a Reiki Master in a few hours. Well, our side and thinking towards such teaching or learning is different. The online tutorials are using certain pre recorded videos or audios for initiation, while we always recommend a human initiation, while the energy at distance and the Reiki Master, both are active at the same time. There may be a time difference or else, so mutual consent and understanding is required for this. We have never accepted this automated attunements, provided online. buy Soma overnight free delivery We also do give distance initiations and have many fellow Reiki energies, who are now having a successful Reiki life. Some are also having their students as Reiki Masters too, so we do feel as for our mission for spreading Reiki is running smoothly, at a normal pace. get soma cod We apologise if some of you disagree to our views, but what we said above is completely what we feel, and we never wish to hurt sentiments of anyone. We do feel like Reiki healing / teaching as one of the best professions too, as our intentions are pure, and we are just sharing our vision. We would love to have you all to send us your views, ideas and beliefs, so that we also are able to understand more about it. You can also mail us about anything else if you want us to work on any other subject or topic in Reiki healing energy.

We are grateful to our Reiki teachers, fellow energies and you all.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain