One must perform proper energy exchange for the Reiki Healing done

One must perform proper energy exchange for the Reiki Healing done

Fellow energies, we are really happy and thankful to see your large number of emails coming in, where many fellow Reiki Masters are sharing their personal experiences with us. It is really our please to accept these and share them with you all, but at times, it is a tough job too. We at times are unable to share these emails as they are shown, and are sharing after a little bit modification or editing it.

This Sunday, I mean today, we got an email from one Reiki Master from Vancouver, Canada, and the energy named himself as Power in this email. We really appreciate his effort in writing this email to us and permitting us to share it here.

He said in his email that he is a Reiki Master since 2001 and is also into Reiki Healings there, but does it only after proper energy exchange is made. He there charges about 100USD for any Healing, he is asked and denies any who promise to pay later. He says that he has been working on Reiki with his full intentions and devotion, but ask for the energy exchange to be made in advance. He said that he also accepts Reiki Healing requests for people who are unable to pay much, but whatever they need to pay, has to be paid in advance.

He said that once the energy exchange is made, the receivers get the effect of Reiki Healing much more than those who do later. Actually, as it seem to us from his email, that there were some of the receivers, denied to pay, even after the positive result of the Reiki healings done by him. He told us that many asked to pay later with some or the other excuse, but ignored totally after the Reiki Healing or getting better.

This lack of energy exchange leaves on negative effect on either the receiver or the Reiki healer so it is better that the energy exchange is made before. We totally agree with his this view point, since we have seen many examples where the receivers ignore or completely deny energy exchange, even after promise made. Some of our receivers too are like that, but we just are unable to do much in this case. We are however now a days a bit more firm in taking Reiki healings to be done at our center and demand a proper energy exchange. We just want the Reiki healing to be giving a good outcome and the receivers to get the desired result as soon as possible.

We just know that if our receivers are positive and are helpful for the Reiki healing done, they will get what they want in minimum time limits. Mr. Power, we totally accept your article and your idea of energy exchange, so we are sure that other Reiki Healers and Reiki masters will also approve what all you wrote. We know that it might be a bit difficult or could be taken as a negative for asking energy exchange in advance by some, but we know that some will learn and love it.

Thanks to you dear friend, and thanks to you all here.

Love and light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain