One day Reiki workshop for level 1 and 2 in Dubai, October 2011

can you buy soma cash on delivery Fellow energies buy cheap online pharmacy soma We are grateful for you to have you with us and help us in our journey where we want this whole world to be free from any kind of negativity or blockage. Our mission is to make everyone a positive energy, with all the love and passion for any other energy, with a pure heart and away from any kind of grudge. We just want every energy to be living a happy life and have all the needful energies, one need and that they are always happy and healthy.

With this small mission of ours, I took my one day Reiki workshop for level 1 and 2 in Dubai, during my stay there in September-October 2011. One of our fellow Reiki Grand Master Yashodhan Borkar’s immediate boss’ father was having some health problem. After seeing some positive results of Reiki Healing done by Mr Yashodhan Borkar, he wanted to learn for himself to help his father and also many others around him. My other two female friends from Philippine Ms Mary Joy and Christina Madlos had been having some or the other issues in their personal life, so I had been asking them to learn it. Another Mr Ashwin is a business man over there, but is having some weakness in liver, making him avoid soft drinks or spicy food. 

This made us to form a workshop, where all of these four were from altogether a different back ground, but were keen to learn something new and different. I was meeting all of them together for the first time in my life, and I just want to give my best to them and was really thankful for them to be there for the Reiki workshop. Everyone was a new to this Reiki world, full of love and light so were having their doubts and confusions.

However, in the beginning of the session, I started telling them about what is Reiki and the history of Reiki energy, how did we start using cosmic energy for our self and others. They all grew anxious on how this work and how can we feel our Aura or the Aura of any other energy. After some small experiments, they were all able to understand about it and were happy to know that they have a good Aura and they can enhance it by being positive and doing good acts in life. It was really a good feeling for me when I was teaching them, since I was feeling a wind of change around us and that I was having special Reiki blessings from my teachers.

After that I gave them level 1 initiation and taught them about how to clean and clear blockages from any other energy’s Aura. It was a tiring but good experience for every one, since after that, they were able to feel the flow of energy from their palms and also while receiving. After this, we had a small break, when we all had drinks and snacks which helped us all to refresh and understand each other more and discuss what we had done till than.

After this, I gave initiation for the level 2 and than started teaching them about first three Reiki symbols: Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. After this small session, we also did one more illustration on how to use these Reiki symbols for our Reiki healing. This was a good and a new experience for all of them, since than they were able to feel the tingling in their palms, while making symbols on their palms. They than tried a small Reiki Healing session on other energies and self. After all this, we also did a small experiment, which amazed them all on their own energy and sense to feel the blockage in any other energy, without even asking. We asked Mr Ashwin to call his staff, who was preparing tea and coffee on that day and since he was new for all of us, I want all students to experiment on him. I asked all to try closing their eyes and make Cho Ku Rei in white light and tell where they feel that guy was having blockages. It was really a pleasant surprise for everyone since all were able to find one blockage at particular same area. They all were even more happy to see that all were having the same feeling and were able to check and diagnose blockages without even asking.

Finally, there was one more experiment to be done by them, the one in which we lift one guy using our one finger and using Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei. It was really a helping tool for all, since after this experiment, we all were feeling very light and comfortable while talking to other. This experiment cleared the blockage in all the energies and than they were very friendly and at ease with each other.

Finally, we distributed certificates to all the students, exchanged contact details paid gratitude and leave for our places.   This was one of the moments, which I will cherish, since I am sure that all of our students will than be practicing Reiki in their personal life. We are really thankful to our students and fellow energies to give us this noble opportunity to teach and learn.

Thanks to you all for your blessings, love and light.

Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain