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Reiki Energy healers Directory

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Vineet Jain
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Reiki Energy healers Directory
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Our seven Chakras
Seven Chakras buy Soma with no rx, purchase Soma COD Fellow Energies, I am grateful to you all and especially Reiki healing energy to keep me working for the world and myself. I have already shared my story and the reason for entering into the world of cosmic healing science. I am sharing it again since most of the data files from the site have been removed or are deleted due to site change. cheap watson soma online I have been an international gold medalist Astrologer, Numerologist, palm Reader, Face Reader, Dream Analyst, graphologist etc. since 1998. I started website with the name of in 2003, where I was giving Free readings to all and the site was having over 25000+ members, where the number was growing every day. It was me, the one man team, who was taking care of the site and replying every single question. Because of Free and accurate replies, I was getting famous in my social circle. In the year 2005, when I had one of the worst phases of my life, I was on my death bed. I was having full body pain, unable to eat or drink anything, very weak. I had gone thru almost all the tests done for myself, where in all tests were negative, so as per medical reports, I was completely fine and nothing was wrong with me. I was a living vegetable for my family, friends and everyone including doctors since all had lost hopes for my life. It was just my loving wife, my son Vibhor and parents, who were hoping for some miracles.


I went from temples to Gurudwaras, Churches, Mosques, Saints, Spiritual leaders etc., but none was helping my health condition. I was unable to understand that what had happened to me, despite everything, I was asked to do. One day, one of the medical practitioner asked me to undergo a re-test for Thyroids, which was being conducted almost every month. To his shock, the reports showed my TSH level to 350. while the normal upper limit for TSH level in anyone is 5.5 !!. The doctor was in complete shock since he was seeing such report for the very first time in his life. He asked me to go for same tests at a few more test labs, just to verify. He was much more in shock as most showed similar or much higher results.

I was thus asked to go for another test for antibodies, and the report showed the antibody content of 14000, while the normal body content allowed only 150 !! The doctor was nervous, so discussed with some other doctor, and asked my wife to take me home. He asked her to get my thumb impression on a blank paper, so that if I die at any moment of time, she can get some property or assets from my parents. She was told that I only have a life span of 6 months, while the 6 month period was uncertain and that day itself could be the last day of my life. 

I was soooo weak and sad that I was even unable to say anything to my wife. I was unable to do anything, but just to take her support for my way back to home. Returning home was almost a bad dream for me, as I was unable to speak anything for myself. My all dreams with and for my family shattered and I was like without clue or hope for future. 

Later that day, one of my client from Mumbai called me for what had happened with the doctors and reports, and I narrated it all. He asked me if I can learn REIKI somewhere since he had heard about it that it works, where nothing else work. Well, I tried to call my friend, who offered to learn with me and offered me a great offer. He said that he will pick and drop me from home. I immediately accepted the proposal and my luck was shining, as the Reiki workshop was the very next day, close to my residence. After taking my basic Reiki degree of level 1-2 with self-healing session of 21 days, I was able to stand on my own, have started eating and was able to have some balance on my feet. After 21 days, I attended my level 3a again from Mr. N. K. Sharma at  RHF (Reiki Healing Foundation). The very next week, I completed my Reiki level 3b and Reiki grand mastership, since I can see changes on my health. After my completion of Reiki course, I had made up my mind for teaching Reiki in the world, for my faith and trust on Reiki was becoming firm. I was now sure that we can do anything and everything using Reiki healing energy as I have seen in my own life.

In a few week’s time, I worked on several patients with cancer, swine flu, kidney damages, liver damages etc. with huge success. I then also started my new website where you are reading this article Reiki Energy Healers . This website has helped me in reaching to over a million readers globally and hence would like to give my thanks to you all, to Reiki energy. I have also learned Access Bars Conscious, Theta Advanced Healing, EFT healing, PSI healing, body talking, crystal healing, sound healing, colour healing, Ayurveda etc. Now, I trust Nature and Natural healing more than any other healing. Reiki is scientific and natural healing, thus I trust it a lot.

Since I got a NEW life using Reiki healing energy, I want all of you to follow its principles, science and the methodology for self-healing. 

Thanks to you all and yours.

Reiki Blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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