lesson to learn from my Guide and tribute to Him

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your kind and love filled emails, comments and are really overwhelmed to read them all. We are thankful to our Reiki teachers and fellow Reiki energies which are helping us to learn much more and new things in our journey. Today again, we are sharing another nice article, written and shared by our fellow Reiki Master Ms. Jhuma.

In these current trends of ultra modernism and scientific invasions we often forget the persons behind the success of individuals in every form and fact. A tribute to our parents who play important role in our lives, and the most important are the ones who guide us and mould our individuality, they are our Gurus and Guides. Their roles are inevitable in our lives. The primary education of teachings of life is imparted by our parents, and secondary education of life is imparted by our Gurus and Guides.

The formal and informal trainings are necessary to build a good human being and here our Gurus and Guides play their major roles. Today while writing article on an event of my own life me heart said something was missing, today in my writing. I wanted to write on and on and keep on writing about the incidences I have come across during healing with the help of Reiki energy.

I closed my eyes and started to pray to the Divine energy to guide me what I should write in the article today. The Vision was surprising, I saw Vineet Jain Sir, my Guide, the one who has helped me in overcoming many grave situations of my life, during my learning of Reiki, and its proper application till the 3A attunement. I still take his advices whenever I am stuck and unable to foresee what is next, how I should accomplish any work or any healing.

The encounter with him goes back to that time when I just finished first degree in Reiki and was preparing myself for the second degree Reiki in the month of January2013. I was curious to know what is there in second degree and used to check on the net for it and its authenticity. There I came across this web site, and the articles. The articles had tremendous influence in my life.

Because most available information tend on net the tend to attract us and end up paying a huge fees associated for their services, some people are able to afford it while some like me would read and then leave the site. As I was too curious and wanted to understand myself what was wrong in and around with me, I kept on clicking the sites on Reiki, and used to say to myself why people can’t just give something that is accurate and had been experimented.

Same time during my learning of Reiki , I was going through relationship issues and I was desperate and was searching on the net for some advice, some support, something that can cure or help me or guide me how to repair the estranged relationships of my life, suddenly while searching , an article on the same showed up, written by Vineet Sir.

After reading the article on relationship and other articles on the same written by him, I thought of taking some advice, though, was unsure whether I will get some help, or will end up with paying for the help and the help would be too little to believe. But I was wrong, he accepted my approach. He started to help me with all the possible knowledge he could and is still doing it for all and for the betterment of mankind. His approach to help others in all the possible way has inspired me to write about him. His direct and indirect approach to heal and help, his teachings has taught me that always appreciate, accept and love all, whether they are positive or negative individuals, as we are all energies and the Divine energy takes care of the mediators (us). Allow the Divine Energy to be judgmental rather than us. We are here to do our part of work.

Many of his teachings paved the way in my heart and mind, and one of the major preaching by him is to avoid the ‘NO’, ‘NEVER’,’Not’, ‘Can’t’ etc. factor from the communication, conversation and from our lives, in whatever situation we are in, we must and should try to avoid the words that pose as obstacle and negative and results in the delayed process of healing or anything that we do.

From him I have learnt that even in the toughest time if any needy approaches you accept and help them, because as are all guided by some forces, the almighty takes care of everything and everyone. Very true, in his busy schedule , he is very busy in his business and healing but he still takes out time for those who approaches him for help, healing and guidance.

Vineet sir, forgive me if this article annoys you. But I accepted the call of my heart and the Divine energies’ help to write about my Guide.

I thank all my Parents, my Gurus, my Guide (Vineet Jain), and other fellow energies, who inspires me to write.

Jhuma Roy, (M)09427322474

Reiki Master, Freelance Content Writer and SEO.

Email: jhuma25@gmail.com

Friends, I am sharing this article with you all, since it a hearty article, written by her, and I want everyone to speak up with an open heart. I can just tell you all that instead of me, Vineet Jain, every teacher has a duty and responsibility of doing what I did or am doing. This is all due to what I was taught and learned, so am also teaching and sharing the same with you all. There is nothing special or extra I am doing, but this is just my gratitude to Reiki energy, my teachers and all the fellow energies including you all.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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