Importance of purifying one energy in Reiki Healing

Soma no prescription needed overnight Importance of purifying one energy in Reiki Healing

Fellow Energies, we are highly grateful of you for your kind support and unconditional love, which makes us feel emotional and heart heavy. It seems like just yesterday for us when we started working on this platform so as to share all we can in this world filled with great energies like you. It was our mission, so as to spread our share of love and light in this world after we took our paper degree for Reiki Grand Mastership in Delhi, India. It may look like that we were complete after that, but we realized that our learning just started after it. We had been working since than and are still in a process of learning and therefore thought of a way to share with others as well.

As you all know that we all Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters have a small procedure of our healings. We make a connection to our receiver, purify, heal, establish energy and than disconnect from the receiver’s energy. We are sure that most of us are following similar pattern as is taught to us by our Reiki teachers, but one thing that took our attention is what we are bringing to you.

During some of our last Reiki Healings, we experienced a bit strange thing that some small healings were taking a lot of time to heal. We later realized that some of our receivers were having a lot of blockage and negativity, that has to be purified and it needed some extra effort. We than started making extra efforts in cleaning and purifying of our receivers. It was really a pleasing and welcoming effort for our fellow energies, since the healings again started happening faster.

We will now be following it and would ask you to do purifying and burning the blockage much more and make your healing smoother and faster. Most of us emphasis more on giving positive energy or healing that purifying, but as per our latest finding, we should be working much more on purifying and cleansing the receiver. Once it is done, the positive energy flow will be faster and will be in higher flow.

Thanks to our fellow Reiki Master energy, Mr Yashodhan Borkar from Dubai, who gave us this noble direction to rethink and work in this direction. We are sure that you all would love to see your Reiki Healings giving you faster results and see a broad smile on your receiver’s face.

Thank you all for sharing your personal Reiki experiences and helping us spreading love and light.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain