Importance of Positive attitude in Reiki

Importance of Positive attitude in Reiki

Fellow energies, we all the people in Reiki have been talking that being positive is good for all and that we must always be positive. Here, I will try to explain you all a bit it in detail. I do hope that you will try to give some time and co operation of yours in taking life a lot more positive from today and change your life.

As per me, other Reiki Masters, Spiritual leaders and many others just keep this in mind that this Universe is giving everything what we want. We all are the creators of our own destiny. We built our own bridges, homes, villas, cars, love life, bright future and also sometimes, blockages. Why do we call it a destiny all the time and blame God or else for our bad times, when our destiny is usually self created. Almost all the changes in life can be here, with our thought energy only.

See, as is seen by me and many others and experienced too, most of us do a lot of hard work, and pray and talk positive, but make some errors doing it. While for thinking positive for the outcome, they insert a sort of negativity in it. Like for example, if someone need to clear any interview, the person is fearful of the failure, so the small thinking keep rotating its mind as ‘I may not fail’ and keep on repeating this till he gets a result of failure. While if we see the mind of the person who got success was thinking ‘I will get a success’.

Friends and fellow energies, as I have told you earlier too, there is only ‘Yes’ in this Universe for us. We all must avoid using words like ‘No’ and ‘Not’ from our vocabulary and talking dictionary. Using words with acceptance are needed by us. Being grateful towards others also is a blissful thing. It helps us attain our Goals easily and faster. Believe me, sometimes blessings can change our destiny too, so we all must be grateful and thankful towards all around us.

When we want something in life, we all must wish it and accept all what we get in life with positive attitudes only. Asking for too high may not be helpful, but we must try asking God for what is under our limits and we all must work towards getting it too. We all should think, plan and act towards our goals and must be true to ourselves and have our positive acceptance to it.

Thank you all for reading this article and understanding what is blocking our success and how to get what we want in life. I do hope that now we are able to understand why Reiki people keep on asking all to be positive towards healing, since it just make Healing faster and smoother with positive result. I have witnessed many Cancer patients, Kidney and liver damage patients living a healthy life with Reiki healing, but all of it is the outcome of a good Reiki and a positive thinking.

Thank you all for reading this article and help me spread positivity, Love and Light in this world.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master