How to protect from negative energies using Reiki energy healing

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your so many Reiki blessings filled emails and are pleased to read and share them here. It is really nice to see the everyday rise and spread of Reiki practitioners in this world that now, almost all are aware of it. Most of the Reiki energies as we know directly or indirectly are able to understand Reiki as a positive energy and that Reiki healing is a scientific process, which was earlier thought or taken as a white magic.

Last month, we were asked to perform a Reiki protection healing for our fellow Reiki Master from Boston, United States. Our fellow Reiki energy was too much of scared for her parents might ask her about some of her relationship and financial matters, as she had spent a lot over her boy friend. She had sold her apartment in funding her lover, and have almost given all she had, but if her parents got to know about it, they would be angry over this. Her parents were very much loving but were also concerned about her future. They knew about her emotional and selfless nature, so want to confirm that her assets were safe and secured for her future, since it was about too much of money. Her boy friend had promised her to repay all the funds with in a month’s time, as his money was coming, but than this period of one month was to be very much critical. She than asked us to do her Reiki protection from her parents, till her boy friend returned her money to her.

We asked her to email us her, her boy friend and her parent’s picture along with their birth details and current locations with likes and dislikes. She send us all the required details, and we immediately connected them on to our Reiki grid, and started sending them Reiki energy. We started giving all of them Reiki using Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei, and cleared any kind of blockage if they may have. Than, we used Reiki balancing and emotional symbol with affirmation that they are having emotional feelings and are soft towards each other, and just have positive and love for each other. Than, we drew Reiki Master symbol Dai Koo Myo with affirmation that they all have a golden light around them and their life was easy, comfortable and very much positive, and all comes easily to them. Instead of any kind of protection this time, we used the affirmation with giving positive energy to the people from whom we were looking protection, and to our surprise, this really worked too good.

We got her news yesterday late night that her boy friend was able to return all the money, with a little interest, which was never even asked for. Also, the parents have overlooked her bank accounts and anything else, so this week, she will be able to get her apartment back and all the cash in her bank accounts back. She was very much relaxed and than gave her gratitude to us and Reiki energy. She said that she was grateful to facebook, internet that made her contact Reiki healers and gave her so much of positivity in her life.

We also shared this news with our fellow Reiki Grand Masters and Reiki practitioners, and now are sharing it with you all here. We are grateful to you all for helping and showing us new ideas and procedures as for using in our Reiki healings.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain