How to perform better Reiki Healings cheap watson soma online Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all here and are pleased to see your regular ongoing support to us. It always is a good feeling when we feel you close to us and moving with us in this world of love and light. With every article we are writing here, and the comments you are giving and every email of yours is helping us learn and share more with you. We are really grateful to you all for your all the love, you are giving us, and are same as excited to write this new article, as you are to read it. Sometimes, we just want that there is something which just come up on the site, in a blink and we just have to keep working on something new and new.. lol.. sorry was just kidding.

Anyway friends, I know that one of the common mistake which many Reiki healers are making while Reiki healing is that either they feel like it is them who is giving Reiki energy to a receiver or they forget to disconnect. Also, they forget to clean or charge themselves before Reiki healing and just kept on going on for more and more Reiki healings. Due to these and some more small errors, we see that either Reiki energy takes time in clearing the blockage and we say that healing is taking extra time. However, the delay may also be for the blockage in the receiver for the healing or due to any doubt on their healer or lack of energy exchange.

After hearing and reading so many confusions and seeing that people are ignoring and avoiding, even after telling many times, we were thinking of how to make them understand in a easier and much better way. Last week, while seeing a child who was drawing on his chart paper for school homework, I got one small idea and after working, using it I am sharing it with you all here. Please look at this image uploaded of a Reiki healer with this pencil of light.

Reiki healer with light for Reiki healing


Here, we should try to understand ourselves as this guy who is holding this pencil or writing tool. Every time, he has to sharpen it before writing and have to rub paper for writing anything new. Also, here the healer is using this pencil for writing, and he is just holding this pencil (or Reiki light energy). Now, for different Reiki symbol, we can either use different light pencil or use same, depends on our visualization and intention. Now, we should just hold this imaginary Reiki energy pencil in our hand, while doing Reiki healing. If we use this or similar intention for Reiki healing, we will understand and it will become a habit, and than we will always understand that we are using Reiki energy for healing. It will also help those who want to give higher energy and focus on just one particular area, by pointing this laser pencil on to the target for a faster and much effective healing. I tried it at some distance Reiki healings for our US based receivers and some local friends too during power failures.

I would like you to try this method, and please reply with your comments and reviews after using this small method. I am sure that if you are already using some different method, this can be used to teach and help your student and fellow Reiki healers. This is my just small request to you all that if you are using some other technique in teaching your students or for yourself, please do share with us. We really want to help our fellow energies with all the best methods we can. We are always thankful and grateful to you all for your blessings and this love filled support to us.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain