How to make different Reiki symbols work better

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Fellow Energies, we are really grateful of you to have you here often and share your kind love and light to us and our energies. We all as always had been working on improving our Reiki Healing and Reiki teachings. As you all know too that we all here at Reiki Energy Healers are trying to share all of this, just to help you all so that you are able to be a good vessel of light and are able to spread much more love and light.

With this article, we are just trying to guide some of those energies who are making good efforts for their healings, but are getting not much positive result in their healings. We have been talking to a few of Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters over their failures and reasons for the same. After discussing and getting to the root of the cause, we are sharing it with you in brief, so that you can also understand and should avoid making such small mistakes.

While our Reiki teachings, we have been told about the color of the all the Reiki symbols. All of these Reiki symbol colors mean something deep behind them and we must try to keep in our mind, the reason behind it. Cho Ku Rei is white in color, and should be visualized in white color only while making for purifying or charging or healing or establishment of Reiki Energy. If we are able to visualize in white color and in a clear picture frame, the energy given will be more. Some energies just make symbols, without any visualizations or else, which makes a lesser impact on the receiver of Reiki Healing.

Sei Hei Ki Reiki symbol is balancing symbol and must be visualized in pink color. Better visualization means faster balancing of our receiver or self. Connection symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen should be visualized in golden color and we must connect to anyone through our naval only.

Sai Ko Myo should be visualized in Violet color. Either it is Tibetan symbol or Japanese, the energy and color is same, so we must keep it in mind. Vasudha Reiki symbol is in Dark Pink or Red color. The energy flowing in it is of golden color. Apta Reiki symbol is in Golden color. Energy flowing is in white color. Aum or Om Reiki symbol is to be visualized in white color.

Rest more we will be discussing with you later, in some other article. Thanks for sharing this kind information with us.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain