How to attract our Goal using Reiki energy

accepted cod soma Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all and all of our fellow energies for sharing personal experiences with reviews on our articles here. We are working on many difficult targets given to us by some of you, and are hopeful that we will be able to resolve the queries and doubts with the help of Reiki energy.

watson brand soma Since long, we have been asked to tell on how to attract any Goal or any particular energy, using Reiki Healing energy. Since that time, we have been thinking and working on it, so as to give some suggestion, which helps in attracting goal for all. It was difficult for us on how to perform this experiment with success and than share it with you all. Finally, after discussing with our fellow Reiki Masters, we started working on a small goal for one of our fellow Reiki Master. She had been thinking of getting a role in films, but without any contact from the industry, it was difficult. One more big blockage was that her family was never willing to let her go to any kind of Audition or else. Still, we took and accept this challenge as it should be able to prove our experiment is going to work or we need to make some more changes.

Now, we placed the photograph, birth details, her wish in our Reiki grid and started working on it. We started using Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei for purifying and cleansing of her blockages, Sei Hei Ki for balancing her emotions and Heart Chakra. We than used Dai Koo Myo for sending her the supreme Reiki energy and visualize her in golden light. We used Vasudha Reiki symbol as for she is free from any kind of blockage, with money flowing around her like red color water. Apta Reiki symbol as for she is happy with her family, friends and have good relations with all. We also drew Rama and Kriya Reiki symbol, for a continuous flow of shower good fame in white and golden color. We tried to perform Psychic surgery as we learned and also teach in our Reiki workshop for level 3A.  In this psychic surgery, we need to go to trans and using a deep meditation, have to perform a small surgery procedure where we need to visualize our goal as happening.

We continued till last week, when we got a surprise news from our fellow Reiki Master. We were told that there was some shooting going on at her place, and instead of paying her family any money, the director accepted to give a small side role in the movie. This was indeed a great news for us when we hear and confirm it after the shoot was done. Today, we got the DVD of her scene clip from the director, after a few edit work and after watching it, getting the confirmation, we are able to share with you all. We are asked to keep name of the movie and our fellow Reiki Master a secret, so we might disclose it later, once the movie hits the silver screen.

Friends, we are grateful to you all and our fellow Reiki energies, for guiding us and accepting Reiki healing energy, so as for the spread of Reiki.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain