How Reiki healed Stiff Neck where can i buy Soma no prescription Dear Readers,

Today I am sharing an incident which occurred during my college days. In the year 2009 I enrolled into a reputed college , my cousin sister also enrolled into the same college. We were class mates, and would share all the academic process with each other. Every day to college we would carry heavy baggage. As we had our cameras, handy-cam, our heavy books, tripod and lunch boxes all the time.

My sister being the bulky one would offer to carry most of the heavy luggage with gusto and would allow me only to take care of the lighter ones. Out transport was my two-wheeler and would travel to distance places together on it. So all the pain she would suffer being the pillion.

After the transport travel she would often complain of neck pain and from the neck pain she would suffer from giddiness. It was a worry some situation for us because the moment she would stand , she would fall. I was worried but was unable to understand what to do, because allopath medicine was giving her only temporary relief. Then again it would bounce back, the pain was unbearable for her.

At times even when people are nervous mind stops working, same happened with me. Though I was healing with the Reiki energy, I knew to give touch healing to people who needed it. But it failed to click to me that I have a support to heal such pain.

I was one day wondering what can I do to help her get rid of the pain, and my cousin is free from the pain for ever. I closed my eyes and was in my deep thinking; suddenly I felt a voice guiding me to heal her with my palms. Happy as ever to get some information like that, I told my cousin about it.

She too believes in Reiki and had heard about it. She readily agreed to accept my touch healing. I started the healing process. I began with a small prayer and thanks giving and I felt my palms becoming warm.

I placed both the palms on her neck and shoulders. While giving her healing I kept my eyes closed and continued to pray , and saw that a huge red color which was clearly visible in her neck. I was shocked too as the experience was new to me. Keeping to myself all this I continued the healing process every alternated day for ten days.

She started to feel relief from the pain, and in some days she was feeling better, her giddiness was gone too. After two years again there was relapse , the pain reoccurred and so the giddiness too. Later it was diagnosed as stiffness of neck. We both sisters overcame it after we both learned Reiki one and Reiki two. When I completed Reiki two I could give her distance whenever she was in writhing pain, and then when she learned it she started to do the same for herself. Now my cousin is almost free from neck stiffness.

I am always grateful and thankful to Reiki energy, it always has been showing me the way to heal myself and others with the same positive approach.

Thank you Reiki energy, my parents, my gurus , my guide and fellow energies for giving me the opportunity to share the experiences With Reiki energy.

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