How much to pay for a Reiki Healing

saturday delivery on soma soma cod How much to pay for a Reiki Healing?

Soma online Overnight without dr approval Fellow Energies and Reiki Energy Healers, Light workers, Alternative healers, and all of you, I am here greeting you all to come and read this article of mine. I do hope that this small article will let you know about what one should pay or should get paid for the healing done, either by Reiki or any other way of energy transfer. There had been a sort of confusion and different kind of arguments, when people like me and others talk of fees for healings or readings done. We here see that their are two groups and sort of debate on if we should be paid and if we should be, than how much. soma same day delivery Friends, as I have tried to talk to all of you about Energy exchange is needed for every healing or reading done. This is merely because of the energy exchange needed to make this exchange done in a perfect order and in a good means. I here mean that a payment or any other energy exchange need to be done with a mutual consent. We all know that who ever is doing a reading or a healing or making any kind of effort for other, is making an effort and creating some energy, so there has to be some energy exchange. Now, how to see if the energy exchange done is right or not..?

buy soma from mexico online We must need to ask the healer or reader for the fees which can make him comfortable with the energy exchange, It could be money or any other service rendered to, with which the healer feels accomplished. Sometimes, a receiver tries to dominates other and argue over it and gives very little, with which the sender of energy is not satisfied. This could result in a improper balance of energy transfer, and make the healing or reading improper. Most people after the healing is done, try to leave the healer and ignore the energy transfer, which can be very bad for them in future lives.

We have seen many similar cases, where a person was having fun of getting free healings and readings from many people since long, and ignore the requests when being asked for payments or else. Later on, I fend that person in very bad shape and was getting no help. After understanding the issue, he tries to pay for later healings, but they were unable to heal for longer time, and they keep on coming back.

We have seen only those Reiki Energy Healers and Astrologers etc. doing good readings and healings, which are doing proper Energy Transfer.  They may do free healing and readings for needy, but at least they know what to do for energy exchange. Even if a person is unable to pay money or else. one must understand and do whatever they can do for the energy exchange, for the reading and Reiki Healing or any other help done to them.

The purpose of this article by me, is to enlighten you all so that you can know and understand the need of energy exchange and that you must not avoid this simple but most important thing, that Universe has taught us. I as a Reiki Grand Master, must teach you all the importance and the need of energy transfer and being grateful.

Thank you all for reading this article and helping me spread love and light in this small universe.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain

Most Alternative Healers and readers are also seen having physical or mental troubles after some years of doing readings and healings, despite of energy exchange.