How many healings a grid can hold

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your kind acceptance and acknowledgement to our articles and Reiki healing energy in your life. We were trying to understand prolong delays in our Reiki healing done using our Reiki grids, and eventually are able to get the root cause. As you all know that we have a huge Reiki grid, where we have got over 20 different Reiki healings, under separate smaller grid formations under our big Reiki Master grid. 

As most of the fellow Reiki Masters we discussed are using same one Reiki grid per energy for different Reiki healings, as for health, wealth or relationship of the same. We also were able understand the concern, as most of our receivers also ask their Reiki practitioners to combine all the healings in one grid, as for the energy exchange or fee constrain. We have been using one grid for one healing and were getting a good success rate, but we got confused, as when we started getting unexpected delays or failures, it was sort of shock for us.

We discussed with various fellow Reiki Masters across the globe, and finally we got to a conclusion and finding in what just exclaimed us. Actually, we had just started working working on multiple issues on their single grid, so as to save them from more of energy exchange or fees, since it was unaffordable for them. I was also being selfish, as I wanted to save myself from asking them extra money or energy exchange for their more of wishes from the Reiki grid. One of such example is our fellow receiver from United states, who wanted us to work on her health, promotion job, protection from psychic attacks (as her ex keep on attacking her), business, new house etc.

We were working on them all under just one grid, and earlier, I was just working on her health, or protection, which was working perfectly. This was really a scary but true fact, as we are now going to reduce the work and energy focussed on our Reiki grid as for one healing per Reiki grid only. I am sure that this will help our many other fellow energies too, who are doing the same mistake as I was. This will also help and give result to our other receivers also, who are feeling being cheated as a long time in healing has gone by. 

I hereby accept my mistake and take my responsibility for doing this blunder, which delayed their healing or gave them some mixed results in past 4-5 months. I will be changing my Reiki grid and will re arrange it again, will update my fellow energies about the same today itself. I will take their permission on doing so will ask them, what main healing they want me to work on, and focus more. 

I just would love your kind comments and reviews or critics about this sharing of the prospective which changed today after discussing with many Reiki Grand Masters.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain