How long the Reiki be continued without any result

Rama Reiki symbol
Rama Reiki symbol

Fellow energies, I am thankful to you all for sending your kind queries, suggestions and emails filled with gratitude. This whole last month had been full of surprises, events, and realizations for me. I was able to share and express my feelings to the full with many people, reach out to much more. 

I have been advising many who asked me, and guiding for who may need me for their personal or professional healing sessions. Today, I was asked a valid question, that if they are unable to see any positive outcome for their healing in 2-3 months, should they stop working on it? 

It was a realistic question since many of receivers have the same fear / worry for their healing being done by respective healers. Many also pay a heavy amount of payment for every 21 days of healing as for energy exchange. I know that there are many healers, who accept this fact that Reiki flows for everyone’s ultimate good. If the healing is asked or meant to harm anyone, it will only flow in a way, where it can help and is good for all. 

I was asked a simple question what I would be doing if I was in a situation, where the receiver was unable to see or get any improvement. I replied that I normally continue until I get the result and keep working on the healing, despite getting any result for some months. However, I keep changing the Reiki healing procedure, adding or amending the ways like psychic surgery, psychic attack removal etc. I also keep on asking the updates and newer photographs of the receivers to place in Reiki grid.

I have worked on some Reiki healings for up to 3 years, where the result came after three years. This was the healing done for a female friend of mine, who was unable to conceive a baby after 6 years of her marriage. I tried normal healing, Reiki grid healing Milan Reiki grid healing, but none was working. After some months, I was unable to see any result, so I started working on removal of Psychic attack removal, psychic surgery. Slowly, I was able to see changes in her personal relationships for good and in some more days, she told me that her husband got promoted. She was super excited in later on I was told that they moved to a new, bigger Villa.

This made me think of some more new ideas, where I should be using some more techniques, and after a long time, I and other fellow Reiki Masters at our center Reiki Energy Healers were pleased with the good news of her baby son’s birth. I can just suggest one thing to all of you that never ever give up. If something is delayed or you are unable to get the result you want, keep taking actions, keep taking more of actions, differently and in a better way.

Thanks to you all for accepting Reiki in your lives, 

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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