How intelligent is Reiki healing energy

Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all for your so many blessings, love and light to me, along with other Reiki energies around the globe. Me and other fellow Reiki Masters at our Reiki centre Reiki Energy Healers are thankful to you all for sending your queries, suggestions and comments to our articles, from time to time.

Today, I was quite surprised to a question from our fellow Reiki Master, and I would like to reply him and others, using this post here. He was telling me that his friend, who was also a Reiki practitioner like himself was doing Reiki healing for his son’s admission in a good school. After a few days, as expected, his son got admission in a good school, as desired, but the school’s location was at a long distance. He wanted to ask me and you all, that when Reiki healing is such an intelligent healing energy, why has it got the admission done at such a distance? Reiki, the healing energy should have helped his son’s admission in any good school, which was close to his home.

Well. this small sentence and query made me silent, as there was nothing much to say. I asked him to check if something was missing, like in affirmation or visualisation. To this, he said that Reiki should work itself, as it should check, what is good or bad for the receiver. Again, I started thinking, that are we talking of Reiki as a pure tool, or some magic here, which should do everything itself?

After a small gap, I started thinking and working on this question of his, as I felt like similar question must be popping in many other heads too over the time, so this becomes my responsibility to write about it. Reiki healing energy as we all know, is just a tool or the energy to burn blockages, which work with affirmation, visualisation as its fuel. Reiki healing energy needs a good vessel, which should be clean and pure for a better energy transfer.

A vessel can transfer better and effective Reiki healing energy, if the fuel is fully filled and vessel is also a clean one. For the vessel to be cleaned, we need to do cleaning (self healing, cleaning) everyday. For the healing to be more effective, its fuel (I mean the affirmation as well as visualisation of goal) has to be powerful, meaningful and complete. Anything incomplete or without a proper direction, our Reiki healings might go useless or in any direction. If the results goes wrong or in some other direction, how and why should we blame Reiki?

In order to have good results, we all must use a correct affirmation, and for this, we must write it on a paper first. After writing, we should read it again and again, before making it final. We should try to visualise if our target healing, using the affirmation we used, we may use the affirmation, otherwise we should think of changing it. Until we are able to get the correct affirmation as needed, we should keep on changing it, as our mission is to give our best to our receivers.

I hope that this small post help you dear friend and many others, who have slight doubt over Reiki, or whose known have similar doubts. This article will resolve yours and their doubts about it. I am thankful to you for showing me light toward this specific point, which made me come up with this here.

Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain