how does visualization help in a better Reiki

Fellow energies, today again, we are here with another email, as sent to us by our fellow Reiki Master from Romania. She has been working and learning Reiki and different other methods for burning blockages and we are sure that she will be able toget success in all what may come to her.
We are pleased to read her email and are able to see that there is so much going on in her mind which she brought here in this article, down here. We would like you all to read and give your kind views to us and also please remember to give her blessings.
Namaste Guru jee
I would like to share with you some things that happened to me and that even do not know if I will be able to repeat them as an experience.
First about pets. Last Saturday I went to the market and I was in one of my best moods because of my new gemstones I use (I even dont’t know if it is okay what I am doing). I said I use that means after my everyday Reiki treatment I stay with a gemstone in general Azhurite or Shiva Lingam in my left hand for a while to charge myself with energy. Then I tell my gratitude to God my saints my guides and masters I disconnect and I began my day. Later I will come again to gems.
Now I want to tell you about my Saturday morning experience with a black cat and some dogs.
I dont know what black cat means in your culture but in mine black cat is the evil and so it is. Always when I meet one I had bad luck it depended on how far was from me the cat when she crossed my way. The same happened to me Saturday. On my way to market a black cat with yellow eyes stayed without any problem for her. When I look at her first I thought how could I send her away and now I tell u how it worked for my great surprise because it was too easy. I visualize her in white colour then in golden colour but for more time then white colour and I made with my hands as sending golden rays toward the black cat. Suddenly I saw the cat disoriented didnt know what to do on which way to go out from my way. She began to run left side then right side like a crazy and then I thought in my head cat why u dont go right side.The cat took the right side and was running without stopping like she wanted to escape from something. It was a big surprise and I will do the same next time I meet a black cat to see if it was a coincidence or it is possible.
After that I came to the market. Before entering there some dogs came near me and they were not very friendly. So I thought, look I will try with the white and golden light between me and them because of precautions. It was not very good because they stopped smelling my feet and I do not know what they wanted. I showered them with golden light and me too but me with ice white light too and I visualized a grid between them and me. The light shower was in a continuous flow. Then I saw them going away. I mention that I had time for all this because it was a big crowd there and I advanced very difficult through the crowd.
To save me from living beings I used sometimes also some kind of perfumes and plants.
The same with mosquitoes I tell you I found solutions from mosquitoes and not the harmful insecticide. I found them now after harming my liver from insecticide but better later then never. The power of thought visualization and other type of this kind of power is very big. For mosquitoes I used the idea of Mr Tarun Chopra but this is not sending mosquitoes away or killing them. They are there only they dont come to bite. But using a combination of lights also the black light it worked with them too. I had to do something because they bite me all the summer and more what is very important never think to them, repel also the thoughts about them if they are not there. Don’t think of them when they are coming closer to you. When they are there then it is other wise. I use the method of Mr Chopra to keep them away and only then I begin to work them with lights the laser kind one or that that can be send from a rock crystal. More to purify the environment sage is the best. It helps for purifying and to keep mosquitoes away.
Now something else. Now again about gem stones. Other gems are also good but for me now one like these 2 I mentioned to you. I dont know if it dont harms me if I use them so much and for long time I will have consequences but now I feel great after using them,keeping in hand and then on Chakras. I can tell you I used Shiva Lingam for all Chackras and I dont feel bad. If you know can you tell me will this harm me in a way in time?
I put these also on my eyes to see if I can get a more clear vision and i got it. I try to see if I can heal my eyes with these stones. It is putting charged stones on my eyes,visualization  and affirmations and before all purifying. The same i did with Azhurite. This is more toxic it has copper but I still used it. Well I used it only for the 3 upper Chakras.What I have got in conclusion is a big energy and clear vision, not perfect vision but very good because I use glasses since I was 8 years old.May be in time I will get what I want with my health.
¬†Friends, now I would like to thank our fellow Reiki Master for her email here and would like to reply her a bit too. Visualization and use of Reiki symbols Cho Ku Rei and Dai Koo Myo was perfect, but you also need to avoid using ‘No’ and ‘Not’ from your affirmations, for faster and better results.
For your eyes too, you just need to charge the Gem stones and place them on your eyes in order to receive a much better Reiki healing.
We are grateful to you all and our fellow energy for helping us in spreading of positive Reiki energy in this Universe.
Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.
Vineet Jain