Healing of Base Chakra

Soma no prescription needed overnight Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your all the love, support and blessings, which play an important role in our life. We are trying to learn and implement and after some confirmation are trying to share all we can here. It is only because of you all and many others, which are sharing personal experiences with us, making our working a bit better.

Since past some time, we know a fellow energy, which stays close to our centre ‘Reiki Energy Healers’, and is in good contact with us. He was shy to talk to us about one of his blockages, so hesitatingly, he asked to give an appropriate time, when I and he can talk in private. After giving time to discuss in the evening, when all have left our centre, I started thinking on what could be the reason, but then ignored and just waited for him. 

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In the evening, he came to me. but he was looking slight uncomfortable, so I asked him to be comfortable and have a cup of tea. He asked me about what kind of healing we have worked on and what was the surety that we can heal him. We told and explained him a bit about Reiki and how we use Reiki healing energy for burning the blockages. We also explained about different Chakras of our body and any other energy, how they work and what is the colour of respective Chakra. We also told the importance of colours in the Chakra activation and healing of it.

He hesitated a bit and then told us that he was going through some unusual kind of blockage, as he was unable to perform a healthy physical relation with his wife. He told us that this blockage came about a few months back, and earlier, everything was fine with him. I then asked him about the happening during that period of time, so as to understand the reasoning and to get a clear idea about it.

After discussing everything he shared with us, we asked him to keep a red colour cloth with him, all the time, start eating more of red colour fresh fruits and vegetables. This mean that he should be eating more of Apple, Tomato, Berries, Carrot, beetroot etc. He should also restrain himself from any kind of smoking or consumption of any kind of alcohol, soft drink. We also took his recent picture from head to toe, so that we can work on all of his Chakras as the blockage of base Chakra could have arose from some other Chakra.

We thus initiated him in our Reiki healing grid and started working on him. We found out that his Heart Chakra and Brow Chakra were also blocked, so we started working on them too. Yesterday was our 21st day of the grid healing, when we were to shuffle the grid, so asked him if was feeling any improvement. He told us that he is feeling little better, but he wanted us to continue for some more time, till everything was fine. 

We thus shuffled our Reiki grid and initiated him once again, with the same intention. We were all happy to get this good news and thus started working with more of enthusiasm and positivity. We are all sure that we will be able to help him and many other receivers for similar or other blockages.

We are thankful to you all for everything we can and are obliged to have you all with us.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain