food for Reiki

Food for Reiki

Fellow Energies, we are here once again so as to share our experiences and knowledge with you, so as to help you further. It is with your support and motivation only, that we are still here, trying to share our love and light to all those who need. We have been asked that why do we talk about good eating habits or stop consuming alcohol or tobacco or else for some blockage removals.

Energies, we do understand and are sure that you also are aware that our seven Chakras plays a dominant role in our health, wealth and happiness. If all of these seven Chakras are perfect and working fine, we all will have a happy life with all our needs fulfilled. But, if there is any kind of blockage in any of our Chakra, we may have a imbalanced life. If one Chakra controls our health, than it also has the capacity to control our finances, which we must keep in our mind.  Sometimes, the blockage in our Chakras is also due to improper food or eating habits, which need to be altered or rectified. Some blockages are created if we consume anything which may cause blockage and is bad .

However, we should only eat and drink good and healthy food and avoid what is bad for our body and Chakras. Now, people do ask us that if food is going to do all, what are we Reiki Healers or Reiki Masters going to do. Well, we are just another energy like normal energies, but just able to burn off the current blockage and negativity. We are gifted to heal the energies, which need to be healed and maintain love and harmony in this universe.

We all must understand that the food for Reiki people is what we can find on trees and can be consume raw after washing only. It is like all the fruits, dry fruits, vegetables etc. The food we eat now, I mean cooked food is okay for normal energies, but we must see to it that the saints and spiritual people, who live for over hundreds of years without any health problem. With this small example, we can understand that they are just living on fresh fruits and vegetables only. Also we should be able to understand that these fresh fruits and vegetables digest about 80% faster than any other meal.

We will continue on it later..Thanks to you all for your kind co operation.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain