Finding lost items with the help of Reiki energy

Finding lost items with the help of Reiki energy

Fellow energies, I am highly thankful to you all for your kind emails which support us and help us think of much more new and constructive ideas. As you all know that we had been working on newer and trying some new techniques to help our fellow energies as much as we can.

Last month, one of our friend lost his cellphone and was a bit confused about it. He told us that it was with him only when he called about 15 minutes back and now when he is dialing his own mobile, it says to be ‘not reachable’. It was rather stressful, as these days, our mobile phones play an important role in our life. Since all the contacts are now in our mobile phones, losing it means losing our social life and business. Next day, we got another bad news from our fellow Grand Master that he was unable to find his car in the area, where he parked his car. We asked him to check if he asked people over there, as the traffic cops might have towed it for parking in the wrong area.

He told us that he might have parked in the wrong area, but he have asked cops and other people, but none have seen any traffic cop guys around that area. That area was sort of a vacant lant, so he was having a doubt that the car was stolen by some drug addict or any other robber. It was the second sad news for us, and we immediately used our Reiki instruments like dowser and L shaped copper wands for finding the lost car.

After our mutual hard efforts, we were just able to feel that the car was safe, with the number plates being changed and that it was lying in a safe location, close to some metro station. We started working on the lost car and mobile from that day, however, as the days were passing, our friends’ family seem to be losing their faith on us. We still kept on sending Reiki Healing to both of them and suddenly, something strike into our mind. We thought that if we combine the Reiki symbol number 2 (Sei Hei Ki) and the Reiki Master symbol number 4 (Dai Ko Myo), we might get some results. After working for three consecutive days, we seem to be getting some positive results. The friend, who had lost his mobile, found it under his bed, with the battery down and since the signals were very less there, it was saying out of reach. The other friend too, told us that he got a call from police station, (as he had made a complait for car lost), that they have got some traces of the car. After two days, I mean today, he told us that the car was found in a station at Delhi boder, near Metro station and its number plate has been changed. We are happy to see him smiling as he got his lost car and his family’s lost faith on us. He will be getting the car’s delivery on monday after completing some paper work and we are sure to get some good sweet dish as for our Reiki Healings.

Thank you all for helping us and supporting us in our Reiki healings.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain