Fighting common cold

Soma No Prescription Overnight COD Delivery Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for sending in your queries and suggestions, which make us think and work on topics and things, which we or others seem to have ignoring. Today noon, I was just thinking of some new Reiki technique, when I got a small message in my mobile, saying that you call yourself a Reiki Master, but can you cure a common cold? Really, this small text message seem to be coming from a serious and a real well wisher of ours, as we may tell all or share that we have cured so many blockages from our receivers like in Cancer, liver or kidney damages, helped by doing Reiki healing for lost relationships, but we seriously ignored any kind of real solution for common cold.

After thinking a lot, we felt that for this common cold, there are many medicines and support available, but how does this blockage comes on to one, and how to protect one from this. Due to fall of temperature in climate and surroundings, we feel like having cold, as this blocks our nose, throat and which also affect in congestion at heart and lungs, giving us headache. So with this, we can understand that it attacks our Brow Chakra, Throat Chakra and Heart Chakra. Due to this, we also realize one thing that Reiki protection and healing will help for sure as always, but we also need to take our extra care and protection using what nature have provided us.

Due to change of season, and cold coming in, we feel lesser thirsty and we should understand that now, since our body metabolism have to work more for keeping us warm, we need to take more of healthy and nutrition food. We need to take more of water, so as the wastage so created in our body flushes out with ease. Our body needs more of Oranges and other Vitamin ‘C’, Phosphorus, Zinc Calcium containing products. We can also take some dry fruits on a regular basis, drink more of fluids (water, juices or soups) to keep our metabolism intact. Doing self Reiki healing more on the particular Chakras as told above will also help. Some ignore putting on warm clothes, in order to stay in fashion, but as per my suggestion, health is much more important than showing off or getting sick and stay on bed.

One of my cousin was telling me that in too much of winters, it gets difficult for him to work, until he consume some alcohol, but my suggestion to him was to drink more of water, eat more of dry fruits and fresh fruits. I asked him to do it when it is the start of winters, and till the summer finally arrive. He followed my advice and till now, he is free from any kind of cold, flu or fever, which was normally troubling him every year. He called me and told me that it was completely a surprise for him as he was working normally, without any complications or troubles and will now continue to do it every year. Without informing me, he also have recommended several of his friends to follow the same and all of them were able to see the change.

After talking to him and knowing about what happened, we all were pleased to know, and this is why, we are sharing it with you all. We are sure that Reiki energy healing will be able to heal your any kind of blockage, but if we are positive and are consuming what is needed by our body for keeping our metabolism fully functional, we can stay away from alcohol or any similar negative energy.

We are thankful to our fellow Reiki energy, you all and yours for understanding with all the love you are sending us.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain