Do we really need to get attunement again cheap soma overnight saturday delivery Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your so many eye opening queries and comments, which are really helping us in our mission. Some of these queries are so much different, which we try to share with you all at any cost, as they might be useful for many of the readers here. There are some doubts, some wrong beliefs, which sometimes misguide Reiki energies. 

order Soma WITHOUT SCRIPT Yesterday, one fellow Reiki energy visited our  Reiki Energy Healers’ centre for her Aura analysis and Reiki Healing session. She told us about her personal life and also about the past life regression, she had done with one of our fellow Reiki Master, who lives near her residence. Later in the evening, she called and asked me if I can feel any kind of new blockage or bad spirits in her Chakras, blocking them. For a second, I was surprised and in shock to hear this small sentence and was forced to ask the reason for her saying so. She told me that her Reiki Master (who was giving her Reiki healing at times of need) had called her in the noon, and told her that she felt like her attunement was done wrongly by her teacher (the one who had taught and given her attunement). She also told her that during her attunement, her Chakras were left open, making it easy for negative energies to penetrate her Chakras, creating several blockages. She told her, that the only remedy was that she should opt for a fresh attunement and go for a Theta healing session for next three days.

This small but in all, a complete shocking statement from her Reiki healer and Reiki Master, I was thinking of what could be the reason for her saying so. She kept on asking me if she needed another attunement for Reiki, as she had been giving Reiki healing to her family and friends, when asked, and this was kind of an important matter. We told her that as per our learnings, personal experiences, any energy, which has got an attunement for any particular Reiki level, never needs it again. We have many fellow Reiki energies, who visit our Reiki workshops, just for another attunement, even after telling us that it is never going to make any difference in their Reiki healing. But we felt that it was just another similar fellow energy, who had some doubts and think like so. 

Also, we realised that since in the morning, we had done a complete cleansing and healing session for her, it was quite impossible for any negative spirit entering her Chakras or blocking them. Our conclusion finally was simple that her Reiki healer female was sort of having some clarifications to be done. She need a simple understanding, which she missed, may be for the way she was taught Reiki, or the way she took it. We never need another re attunement in our life, once it is done for any particular level of Reiki, if we are done. Secondly, it is impossible for any kind of negative energy to enter or block any Chakra of a Reiki healer. These Chakras can only be blocked by our negative doings or thought energy.

We hope that our effort to make you understand that we never need any kind of attunement again and that it is impossible for any kind of negative energy to block Chakras, during Reiki healing session. As you all know, that our aim and mission is to promote Reiki healing energy awareness in this small world and spread positive energy. We are sure that we will be able to continue this, with the help of your love and blessings.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain