Distance Reiki Attunements and Distance Reiki Initiations

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Fellow energies, I am here once again to do my best to help out with your doubts and queries. I am asked at many times regarding the success and purpose of distance attunements or initiations. People also ask me, if they are really working and having good results. I am also asked about their success rate of the same and if Reiki Energy does travel that fast.

I myself have read and practically experienced about distance healings and distance attunements. After my Reiki Grand Mastership, , I have taught my students the same. I am confused at times, when people come and ask me the same. It is normal for people to ask me, who are unaware of Reiki, but people, who call themselves as a Reiki Energy Healers or Reiki Masters, it is sort of astonishment to me. I have mentioned in my notes here, that everything around us is a form of energy. We energies are able to transfer energy from one to another, very easily and with a greater pace. See, light is also a form of energy, and our thoughts too, and Reiki energy transfer faster than the speed of thoughts.

We have here at our group of Reiki Energy Healers (REH) have done a lot of distance healings, distance attunements and initiations with a great success. You might find it difficult, but I have my first student Reiki Grand Master from Canada, which got the attunement from distance only. I gave my own real sister Monika Jain the attunement for Reiki Grand Mastership from distance only. She is also in Canada, and me is in Delhi, India.

I know that the people who are unaware of the power and energy of Reiki, may find it difficult to understand or digest, but it is a fact that sometimes, distance Reiki is much more powerful and effective than other healings. We often do Psychic surgeries and Psychic attack removal from distance only. My clients from US, Norway, UK and other parts of the world find it better to get distance Reiki by us, than they get from nearby at their place.

Thank you friends for reading this article and helping me spread love and light in the world.

Love and Light to all of you and yours

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master