Diagnosing blockage in any energy

Doctor shopping for Soma prescription Diagnosing blockage in any energy

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ Soma fedex shipping, Soma shipped c.o.d. Fellow Energies, we are here once again to share our Reiki Healings and experiments done by us and our fellow Reiki Energy healers. It is a great pleasure for us to share all we can, since it just help us and you all to do better healings. this time, we are trying to explain you  some new ways for guiding you to a better Reiki Healing.

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ Soma free consultation As you had been aware that we can use various Reiki instruments for finding out the blockage in one energy’s body and Aura. We have been using Dowser, pendulum, copper L Rods and Tibetan Bell for diagnose and checking of any kind of Chakra blockage or problem in any body part. It has been helping us in detecting any kind of health issue without the use of any X Ray, Ultra Sound or any other kind of medical test. We had been doing deep meditation for doing the same for ourself and finding the blockages in our body, Chakras and healing them.

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/category/press/ get soma cod Last evening, one of our friend Virendar was having a deep headache and was unable to talk or else due to his severe pain. He was pale with pain and was restless and his whole family looked like too much depressed. It had been a hot and sunny day and he had been walking whole day in the hot weather with a little food or drink. Some of our friend gave him a pain killer to let the pain subside and give him relief from his headache. He took it and lie down, but was still uneasy. He said that the pain was so unbearable that he would have hit his head with something and want to get an instant relief, which was out of thoughts.

However, I was feeling uncomfortable to see him in pain and my inability to do anything since my friend Virendar and his family had some negative thoughts on Reiki Healing. However, I asked him if I can try some Reiki healing for him and try my way to diagnose the reason for his headache. After his permission, I sat aside and started visualizing his Aura in front of me as a hollow body. I than visualized a Cho Ku Rei over his head and started taking it to different places in his body and I was able to see it in white color. When I was over his head, it was bright and sharp in color, but once I started lowering it, it went invisible. I was unable to see or feel it over his Brow Chakra and than at Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra. It showed that there was blockage in his Brow Chakra and other two Chakras. I have yet to find the relation in his these Chakras, so as to find the main reason for the headache. I than tried to concentrate if he had some Gastric trouble, but the reply was negative. Than I tried several other problems, that could be the reason for his headache, but I was able to pin point only two.

The findings were that my friend was having a Migraine trouble and was also having mucus blocked in his Brow Chakra area. I Charged some hot water with the Reiki symbols and tried to burn off all the blockage in the three Chakras, so as to give him relief from his pain. He was about 90% relieved in 10 minutes and we all were happy and relaxed.

I asked him to take some steam so as to get relief from his mucus and take healthy food on time for avoiding any Gastric trouble further. We also asked him to come to us for further treatment and getting rid of his pain. This small experiment can help you all too to diagnose and identify your fellow receivers’ blockage and clear it off too.

Thank you all for your kind comments and suggestions, so as to help us write and share better.

We all are highly grateful for your regular support and blessings.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain