Diagnosing and Healing a Kaput Machine

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Fellow energies, we are happy to see your liking towards Reiki and that you are also trying to follow the experiments done by us here and shared here. We are as always, trying to share everything we are doing here, so as to help our fellow energies to the max and to our best. Since this website is one of the best way to communicate with you all and to share with all we can, we update all of our experiments and teachings here. We also try to keep you updated with our Reiki Healings and their procedures or methods so that you all can also improve your or help us in our improved Healings.

Yesterday noon, one of our student Reiki Healer called us to his works since one of his machinery was producing faulty sheets. This was going to result in a huge loss, since if the production is wrong, it will end in wastage of labor, electricity, raw material and time. He want us to check if we can diagnose the problem in his machine since he had been trying to get it repaired, but even the mechanic was unable to find the fault.

After reaching there, we felt that the works had been done Reiki on a regular interval, since we could feel the positive energy in the ambiance. We than saw the whole machine, and than connected with that machine and cleared the Aura and checked the blockages if any was able to be looked at. We divided the whole machine in 7 parts and than made Cho Ku Rei on each of those seven Chakras, one by one. As we all know that Cho Ku Rei is a Reiki power symbol, and has to be visualized in white color, so we must be able to see it with ease. If we find any difficulty or trouble in seeing the proper shape of this Reiki symbol, on any of these seven Chakras, that particular Chakra has some kind of blockage. We started checking it from the Top of machine and came down to the bottom as the seventh Chakra. Our finding was that the first, I mean the head of machine and the fourth, the heater part of the machinery seem to have some blockage.

After performing the diagnose of the machinery the mechanic looked like amazed and tried to check once again to confirm on the said machine parts. He was sort of shocked to see that the heater was having a loose connection, so was giving improper heat and the head of machine had a broken wall bearing. He asked if we have X Ray fitted in our closed eyes, since he had been trying to check and was unable to see that problem.

After working and repairing of the head and heater, the machine was fit and was than working as earlier. It is really good to see that Reiki Helped us once again in finding the fault and repair of this kaput Machine. Than you teachers and fellow energies, for helping us in our day to day experiments and Reiki Healings with success.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain