combining Theta healing and Reiki healing for a better outcome Order Soma no script next day delivery Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your acceptance and approval for our mixing of different energy healing systems, so as to create a good mixture for healing and burning blockages. We are pleased to share and reply one more query from our fellow Reiki practitioner from Ukraine, who is also having knowledge of Theta healing. She wanted to ask us that since she is also into Reiki healing and have started using Theta healing system in her healings, she was eager to know that how do we use both the systems in one.

buy soma prescription Friends, I have told u earlier also that we just keep on trying different methods in our Reiki healing techniques, and whatever we feel like is working, start using in our practice and teaching. Similarly, we also do the same as for you while sharing it here, so that you all can also try and use for a better, effective healing. buy soma prescriptions As all of the Theta healing practitioners are aware that for starting and initiating our healing, we all need to go to the Theta level. After that we visualize and order our subconscious mind for making things happen, while as per our concept, we go and do as we do in Reiki healing system. Here, we make symbols, check Aura, blockages and perform the healings, as is done normally. And since this all is done in Theta level of meditation, it works faster and much better than the normal Reiki healing process. Soma online ordering next day VISA Mastercard accepted We can also add EFT healing or even PSI healing process, as shared by us here. The EFT healing system was shared with us, by one of our receiver Mr Gagan, while PSI energy healing system was introduced to  us by Mr Sri Ram Bharat. We are grateful to them both for helping us in teaching and sharing such wonderful techniques. Theta healing system was introduced to us by our fellow Reiki practitioner Ms Anjana Sharma from Noida, and are highly grateful to her too.

The method of combining and mixing of one system with another was taught to us by our great grand Master Reiki teacher Mrs and Mr. N. K. Sharma from Reiki Healing Foundation and we always will be thankful to them. We are also thankful to Mr Jitender Kumar for supporting me in learning and completing this course, Mr Navneet Mathur for being our very first student and helping in bringing our mental projections on paper. We are also thankful to my loving wife Priyanka Jain, my boy sons Vibhor Jain and Abhay Jain, who stand with me, always in my support and their all the love in my life.

Reiki Blessings to all of you and yours.

Vineet Jain