Combination of Reiki and rock salt a new light for alcohol addicts Buy Soma no script next day delivery Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your love filled articles, comments and suggestions to us for improving our blog and sharing with our fellow energies. We are trying to reply your every query with the best of information and knowledge which we feel is our duty to provide. We know that there may be some minute details like attunement procedures, initiation methods and certain more which we need to keep a secret among Reiki energies only, so we are unable to share about them.

Soma Cod Overnight Delivery Today, we are going to share one good Reiki healing done using our Reiki grid and Rock salt in for helping an alcohol addict for reducing the addiction. As we have already explained you in detail that rock salt being alkaline in nature and chemical property and alcohol, acidic in nature, so clash of both helps in people with alcohol addiction. It helps people to feel that staying away from alcohol is much better and good for their health in a natural way, so we can also help them, without even telling them. There are many medicines available in India and other countries, which are claiming similar results.

If we give rock salt to any alcohol, smoking or any kind of drug addict in meals or adding in any other source, slowly and with time, this rock salt mixes up with the blood. After a regular intake of rock salt, the chemical reaction start taking place in the body, every time, when any energy does intake of alcohol, cigarette or any drug. This reaction create a chemical burst, creating some damage to immune system, making the user’s body and their shit with a foul small. This also make the user a giving much more pain during any kind of excretion. With time, the addicts start feeling bad or negative whenever they consume alcohol or other negative energy, they start getting repulsive thoughts for them. This make them slowly and effectively keeping away from their addiction, without even informing them that their behavior is nothing but a common chemical reaction, which took place in their body.

Today, we are sharing this all again, as one of our Reiki energy was working on similar experiment for addiction of her husband for alcohol. She had asked us for keeping her husband in our Reiki grid, and due to a continuous Reiki energy flow and rock salt reaction, he have started a feeling of hatred for alcohol. Because of this only, he reduced his daily consumption to a weekly one and we are sure that soon he will give up his habit permanently too.

We are sure that if this is tried and practiced by all of us, we will be doing a good help for all of our fellow energies, who ever has any kind of addiction. We are thankful to our fellow energies and you all, who explained us this reaction with how to use it for eliminate any kind of addiction.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain