Clearing Throat infection by Distance Healing

Clearing Throat infection by Distance Healing

Fellow Reiki Energies, its a pleasure for us to see you here on regular intervals. We are all happy to have your kind presence here and to understand the procedure we use in Reiki healing for throat infection. Here, as already discussed, we have been working on many different healings, so now today, we are going to elaborate a bit on throat infection and how to clear it and remove the blockages from throat.

Throat infection or throat blockage is often done due to pollution, bad food, too much of smoking, alcohol, too much of shouting, allergy of something and may be wrong medication too, having cold food or drink after hot, eating too much spicy or junk food etc. There may be some few of other reasons too, but I can only give a few which came in to my mind right now. These all and other kind of throat infections and blockages can be resolved with gargles in warm water with a pinch of salt (rock salt preferably), steam etc.

However, as per in Reiki Healing, we all Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters use a bit of different procedure. We first of all ask for a recent photograph of our receiver. We also ask to send us the complete birth details and the history of the blockage. Than we ask the receiver to take a glass of warm water in hand, that should be taken after five minute time. We send our Reiki Healing through water in to the body of our receiver. Sometimes, when the receiver is having bad infection and having the problem since long, we charge the receiver’s hands and ask them to place over their infected part. It is a faster way of distance healing as per our personal experience.

This healing need to be done up to about one whole week, till the receiver feels improvement. The receiver can also apply some hot butter or hot vegetable oil with some camphor in it, for faster healing and removing of the blockage.

Thank you all for helping us write this article and to help mankind.

Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain