Clearing blockages using Reiki healing energy

Soma fast delivery no doctors Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your acceptance to Reiki healing energy and also sharing your experiences with us. We are sometimes too much overwhelmed to see the positive responses and fast impact of Reiki energy on our fellow receivers. It gives us an immense pleasure and the feeling of gratitude towards our Reiki teachers, who gave us this opportunity to serve this small universe, using Reiki healing energy. We are thankful to you all, supreme energy, so as to give us the courage to start and run our Reiki Energy Healers, as a global Reiki teaching and healing center and to be recognised all over.

Today, we are about to continue about the Reiki healing energy we are sending for one of our fellow Reiki Master from India. He talked to me last night, and was sounding much better, relaxed. After talking to him, I was able to understand that he will be recovering soon, and during our discussion, he told us that he has been trying to urinate since last few months, but due to the blockages, he is unable. His doctors are also helpless and clueless about it, so want us to perform some intense Reiki healing. We told him that we already had performed a session of Psychic surgery on him, and next will be done next day. However We also explained him what all we did and what we were to work upon.  

After that brief discussion on mobile, I took my dinner and some rest while thinking on what could be done for him. During my distance Reiki healing to our Reiki grid, I visualized that all the water clogged in his body is coming out in form of urine, and all of his body’s empty space is thus filled with golden and violet light. I drew Reiki symbols Dai Koo Myo, Rama, Zonar, Hosanna and Kriya on him. Today morning, I got a call from his daughter that he did urinated last night, though it was a very small quantity, but was sounding happy. I am sure that his condition will become stable in sometime and all will be normal as always.

We were happy to hear this good news and are thus sharing with you all and our fellow Reiki healers in our center. We are thankful to you all and our Reiki teachers, for helping us burn these blockages using Reiki energy.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain