Chakra Cleansing and Charging

Fellow energies, today again, we are sharing another email article as send by our fellow Reiki Master from Romania. As per your reviews and our information, she is improving and growing as a better, positive energy, so in order to motivate her and other fellow Reiki Masters, we are making slight changes in her article, and sharing. As per your kind and love filled comments, we can understand that you all liked her earlier article and will follow similar or something similar in your personal life too.
Good morning Gurujee
Well as promised I am writing today about Chakra cleansing. Well I know that it is fine for all of us, if we start the process from Base Chakra or from Crown Chakra. First I say a prayer and I connect to my superiors I mean the superior force (Reiki energy) and then I ask for the white light to shower me. It works as than I visualize and feel the shower but mostly I am unable to feel the white light, and I get the golden light most of the time. I shower first through my whole body and then start my process of chakra cleansing and charging. This is so when I begin with the Crown Chakra. I saw that putting some useful stones on my eyes the flow of light through my Chakras went much easier and lot better.
I can mention Azhurite. When I received this light through all Chakras then I begin on every Chakra. The system is whipping glass as I learned from you and after I finish with that I send again golden light and the symbols Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki because cleaning and balancing is necessary. We all must understand that since Sei Hei Ki is a balancing and emotional Reiki symbol, it is needed every time we use any Reiki symbol. To make them work faster and effectively.  I use Dai Koo Myo and I look so that have their right color. If there is some impurity I use other symbols to cut and put out the impurity. It works better, if we use a combined energy healing of Cho Ku Rei and Motor Zanon Reiki symbols. If not after having every Chakra in good place and all right I do the same 3 symbols on me whole to make me move better. This Chakra cleansing work I do everyday before my Reiki session.
At the end I always give my gratitude to the superiors, Reiki teachers and fellow energies and than finally I disconnect.
Friends, as per the above article, I should add a little bit more of my information for it may help too. While cleansing any particular Chakra, if we are visualizing the body parts close to the Chakra, it works better. As we all know that Crown Chakra controls our brain and surrounding parts.
While cleansing Brow Chakra, we should try to visualize and clear any kind of blockage in our eyes, ear, nose and close by area. If we are able to visualize them in white color properly, it will help a bir further more.
Throat Chakra helps in our vocal cord, shoulders and also governs spine to some extent, so visualization of the said parts in white color helps in a better way. Using this method, we can also give Reiki healing to them, if needed.
Heart Chakra helps our Heart, Lungs and respiratory system, so if we do this, we will be free from any breathing problem and it will also help in our relationship issue if any.
Sacral Chakra cleansing helps in Charging and energizing of our Kidney, Liver, and digestive system, so a proper visualization of our surrounding body parts will help in clearing blockage from them.
Solar Plexus controls Gall Bladder, digestive system again, obesity and extra fat that may have stuck in our body, increasing our tummy. The obese energies can use self touch healing to burn off the extra fat and also for removing of Gall Bladder stone or any other blockage.
Base Chakra controls our reproductive organs, our stamina, movement and balance in life. Base Chakra as the name suggests is the base of all Chakras, so whatever and whereever there is a blockage, clearing and charging of Base Chakra is always to be done.
We hope that this article will help you in understanding the importance and procedure of self Chakra cleansing and charging. We are thankful to our fellow Reiki Master Ms. Diana and you all here.
Reiki blessings to you all and yours.
Vineet Jain