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Finger scans for dermatoglyphics
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Finger scans for dermatoglyphics
Finger scans for dermatoglyphics

Fellow energies, I am grateful to you for your kind support and blessings on my ongoing journey for the human welfare. As most of you know that I am one of those with a lot of desire and hunger for continuous learning. I am always keen to learn anything new, which is natural and could be used for the welfare of mankind. I am thankful to my family, my fellow workers in helping me in the process of what I am. 

I just got my Dermatoglyphics consultant certificate last week from the training in Mumbai, and am happy to share this with you all. I am now able to help you all in a much better and effective way. Most of us know that there is a science in India, which is known as palmistry or palm reading. Many of those who hear about it for the first time, they relate Dermatoglyphics and palmistry together. After learning this science, I was able to understand more about me as if there is a movie being played and I can clearly see who I am or what kind of energy I am. I realized that I have a character of picking things easily, adding a few other things, modifying and creating something unique, in a much better way. This has been a life process for me, which I was now able to understand and see in a much clear light. My passion and attraction towards Reiki and other sciences were inborn, and it was news to me. The inclination to my family business (Irrigation components) was also one of my inborn passion.

Now after learning so much about finger scan patterns and the findings that concluded with them were an eye opener for me. However, for many of other participants, it was common. I will be using my knowledge with the science of Palm reading, Acupressure, body reading, Reiki and consultation in this field. I hope to give best of myself to the world. I am starting my career as in a consultant for dermatoglyphics from this week onwards. 

I am looking forward to the participation by the world in realising and identifying what we all are, what I am and what I can.

Thanks to you all for reading this article.

Reiki blessings, love, light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain