Acne Treatment using Reiki Energy Healing Order Soma online overnight FedEx delivery watson brand soma Acne Treatment using Reiki Energy Healing

Fellow Energies, here we are again to share our healings done and their procedure, so as to teach some upcoming Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters. These articles also help our receivers so as to understand on what and how to do things as advised told here, or by your Reiki Master.  There may be some difference in way of healing of one healer to another, but still, we know that we all Reiki Energy Healers and Light workers are able to perform good healings with a good success.

First of all, we all need to ask about routine eating habits and diet chart of our receiver. We also need to know about the history of acne in the receiver, and what they feel and since when they are having the problem. If they had gone through any blood tests or else, we need to have a copy of the test reports, so as to understand the problem in a much better way.

Acne as we all know, is a common skin condition marked by the eruption of pimples or pustules, especially on the face. These eruptions are caused by some negativity produced in our body due to bad eating habit or ignoring what is good. It can also be due to a weak abdomen and digestion. It is usually seen with the people of weaker digestion problem facing acne. Sometimes, people with lots of stress or unable to have proper sleep may also have acne.

First of all, we advise the people with acne to avoid consumption of milk and milk products. Little quantities may be taken in the form of tea or coffee etc., but certainly not much. We also ask them to eat less spicy foods, to be vegetarian in foods, eat as much as fresh fruits and vegetables they can and stay away from alcohol and smoking. If they need to be in open Sun, they need to use Sun protection creme for that and can also take an umbrella in open. Next they need is to use good quality of vegetable oils in their meal preparations, and as in Reiki, we always advise Olive oil. We also give face Creme or any other face ointment they use after charging with Reiki symbols. We however continue their distance Reiki as and when needed.

First of all, we advise the receiver to follow the diet plan as directed by us, we mean here by being on a vegan diet, with less spicy and oily food. After two days, we ask them to start using our Reiki charged creme or face ointments on their infected face. Since we are giving them Reiki Healing, the charged ointment and their hands start acting as a magic on their face. We also advise them to use a separate soap for their face, which should be soft for their skin and which should not be used by other family members. Their towel too has to be washed separately. They can also try to keep a hot water towel on their face if they can, after applying creme for sometime, so as to open all the closed and blocked skin pores. After that, they again need to clean their face and apply creme, so as to keep it moisten.

In about a week’s time, we have seen that our receiver’s skin is having better glow and their acne is healed a lot. however, for regular treatments, they need to take permission for more Reiki and should continue this routine. Since this is a small malfunction in their blood, it may take some time to clear off forever.

Thank you all for being here and sharing this information with us.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain