acceptance to Reiki healing helps in faster Reiki Healing

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Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for sending us your nice and helping articles, which we are loving and sharing with you all. We feel too much excited when we receive your love filled emails and articles for sharing them here with others. We are however filled with emotions and can feel the passion and energy behind you when you are sending your articles with your personal experiences to us.

We know that it is a difficult job to share what you felt, but we are here t help with your article here, so if you can just send in your own words, we will try to edit it and make it readable so that most of the energies are able to understand and follow your advice. 

Today, we got an email from our fellow Reiki Master telling us on how to make any Reiki Healing work or give faster effects. We are really happy to read it and are now sharing it with you all here. She is from France and has been doing Reiki Healing for past three years now. She says that Reiki energy flows every time and it always works. However, at times, it may take time to show the positive results at times. Most of our receivers want the outcome of Reiki healing in an instant, but at times, they themselves are a bit negative or have some or other kind of deep blockage. This blockage and negativity make the Reiki healing energy travel slow and increase the time to heal. She wants for the receivers to be positive and have full faith on their Reiki healer and Reiki energy, and should feel and visualize that the Reiki done is working and will show a positive result. They should keep believing Reiki Healing to work for them and should also try to help their Reiki Healer and Reiki to work. If the receiver is positive and helpful for the Reiki healing done, it will be giving the outcome faster and earlier than expected.

Suppose, if any person is having a viral fever, after the Reiki Healing, one should also try to take proper rest and visualize the color around as told by their Reiki Healer. They should be positive and should feel Reiki working for helping and making them perfect. In any kind of personal relationship Reiki Healing, either or both of the receivers should try to have a positive communication with the energy they asked for the relation and should stay positive. They should avoid any kind of negative confrontation or maintain any kind of useless ego issues or distance from other.

There are many other ways, and we should ask our Reiki healer on what should be done to get a proper Reiki response as is needed. If we do so, Reiki Healing will be able to make our lives full of love and light for ever and we will always be happy.

Thanks Diana, thanks for your nice and helpful article.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain