My presentation today in public meeting

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enter site Buy Phentermine 2015 Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all for your support, blessings, love, guidance, whole of my life. I have been learning, sharing with most of my lessons of life, which I learn day to day here in this life. I am sure that I am making many rivals, many enemies in this small world, as the articles I am writing or sharing could mean a loss of business to some.

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Buy Discount Phentermine Online Buy Soma Legally Online I have been claiming and talking about our human blood being alkaline and what is good for our body. Many restaurant owners, medical practitioners, dieticians, personal coaches are getting furious on me. I think either I am unable to convince them with my words, or they are unable to accept reality. Most want me to bite my own words or change my words, for I will be losing MONEY and financial gains. 

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Buy Pfizer Alprazolam Today was my presentation at BNI, where due to miscommunication, my graphical presentation was absent. This gave me a new opportunity to showcase myself and Reiki to all BNI members of my chapter, on my own. I shared my life experience, and how I entered into Reiki, plus the reason for changing my business category.   

follow Buy 10 Xanax Online I also shared the food being served at breakfast in the meeting venue hotel, plus what I have there with the reasons. I said that the food served over there was TRASH, since was bad for health, and I was only taking fruits / sprouts from the breakfast served. I also shared that I have been talking about people to treat their bodies as temples or holistic place and to respect with only good food. They should avoid any kind of acidic meals and should only take what is alkaline. I also shared that all the allopathic medicines were acidic, thus bad for our health and we must stop using them.

go site Buy Phentermine Capsules Online My statements made many furious and some had a white faced since were unable to comment or accept  reality. After the meeting, I had a great verbal confrontation during breakfast, where I was asked politely to change my words or they will hurt my reputation in my domain. I should rather work on simple healings like cervical, body ache etc., and should change my loud words in order to get business from BNI. Cheap Msj Diazepam This was meaning like either I lose my integrity for earning money or stay with less business. I apologise from you all and them as I prefer to maintain my integrity with me. If my money has to come to me, it will come to me and nothing can stop me having a happy life with my family.

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go to link Thanks to you all for helping me with my original and authentic life with Reiki and integrity.

Buy Xanax On Black Market Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours. Vineet Jain



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