Reiki healing using Reiki healing and Theta healing



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see url I am a money magnet source Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all for accepting my effort to keep updating and bringing you something better every time. I know that many of you were accustomed to the earlier theme of website, and I have made a few changes to this due to some personal and professional reasons. The earlier was being hacked by someone and it was better to change and make it more secured. 

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here follow url I have in the meanwhile, attended some new classes and did my basic Theta healing and advanced Theta workshop. I was earlier doing the same too, but did this time for the mere cause of certificate and for a better understanding. The finding was something new for me, and was given a new learning of digging with a receiver and so was able to get something new. I also learned an easier way to meditate and how to go thru other person’s life in a faster time. I learned that our subconscious mind is storing every moment of our life, past life and taking record of everything that has happened in past.

Buy Diazepam India Buy Xanax Agora Now, to change our life, future and current life, it is easier, if we are able to control our subconscious mind, or insert something, what we want to make happen. We can even change our DNA if needed, and the way we need it. We can create our world, the way we want it to be and make it exactly the way we create. The most important thing as we teach, learned or shared in Reiki healing or any other modality is to make our visualisations to be powerful and effective. We all must be able to see clearly with our eyes closed. We must also keep using the very correct affirmation, again and again, till it gets in to our subconscious mind. we also must use the correct and higher frequency words to make the universe, cosmic energies work for us in our favour.

source If we want anything, like in a good hike in salary, we should avoid speaking like we have a good raise, but have to specific for by how much. Universe and cosmic energies can never understand what is the difference of good from one’s perspective to other. Therefore, we have to be specific, since Order Adipex Weight Loss Pills go to link specific is terrific.

Cheap Xanax Pills Online Buy Xanax G3722 Let us all start our healing with better visuals and also with specific affirmations. I am sure that you all will be able to improvise your healing sessions with your high frequency affirmations. 

here source url Thanks to you all and yours.

Buy Cheap Xanax Bars go to site Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

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