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Bronze Tibetan Bell' and '1'='1 Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all for your acceptance of Reiki healing energy in life. I have been busy with my business, BNI meeting and some unusual Reiki healings, consuming my time. I apologise and ask you all to excuse me for my delay in writing articles here on this blog

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Order Valium Online Cheap Last month, I came across for a Reiki healing request for a psychic attack removal of a married man, aged 42. This man’s photograph looked normal until I checked his Aura for the blockages, where I found that all the main seven Chakras were blocked. Since the request came from a known energy, I checked the Aura three-four more time but was shocked to detect the same outcome.

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watch After accepting the energy exchange on mutual consent, I started Reiki healing for this man, whom we will call Whise (name changed as per asked). I went to whise’s house and was slightly scared, as have already heard that he is kept in a closed room, with both hands and feet tied with a nylon rope. He however at times frees himself and starts shouting on all at home. If someone comes close to him that time, he bites or even try to harm them physically. While entering the house, I started hearing the shouts and yelling in a weird voice, and I could make up that it was whise only. 

go here I started giving Reiki to Whise and all the surroundings, by invoking Reiki healing energies and also took out my rock salt and musical bowl in my hand. I started playing the bowl while climbing stairs, and Whise’s sound was increasing with my every step. I can understand that he or the other energy inside his body was able to sense cosmic energies’ presence and was trying to scare me and them away. However, I started getting much bold and much more positive, and reached his family room, where I was greeted a bit and I silently asked them to show me the room, where Whise was kept. I was taken to a locked room, where I can hear loud and scary noises like someone was yelling and growling. Whise’ wife opened the room and we were also followed with 2 more male members of their family, so as if he attacked us, they would grab him and tie him back. They opened the room, and I saw the scattered room without any proper lighting, so I asked them to open the light. I saw that Whise was all tied up and looking at me with his wild, red eyes. He was like that there was a wild animal looking at me with hungry eyes. I started sprinkling rock salt + water solution on him, which was already charged with Reiki symbols. I also started playing musical bowl, and started chanting Aum, along with the name of Reiki symbols. 

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Buy Diazepam India Within about 5 minutes, Whise started to calm down, and I can see that his eyes, temper were becoming normal. In the duration of 15 minutes, he was like nothing had happened, and he asked his wife in a normal voice to give him dinner, as was hungry. His wife was surprised as he was asking food after months. Normally they had been forcing food to him and he never took his meals willingly. That day, I was asked to stay till he had his meal, and it was really good to see his acceptance to Reiki healing energy. I still sprinkled rock salt solution on him, all the walls of the house, floor etc. I also left some solution to his wife and asked her to sprinkle it next day in morning and evening too.

follow link I went there again in evening and the family members told me that Whise was shouting in daytime and while I was on stairs, but was calm after I entered the room. I repeated this same procedure for about next seven days, till yesterday and I am happy that his hands and feet are now being relaxed, and he is now on bed, resting. Today we got to know that he watched TV with his wife and kids, even had lunch with them.

Buy Valium In Australia Online I am thankful to Reiki healing energy for letting me help this wonderful Reiki healing. I am grateful to you all, my Reiki teachers and the world.

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source url Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

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