Body Talking using Reiki healing energy

Buy Carisoprodol Fedex buy soma cheap no prescription Fellow energies, I am thankful to you all for your understanding, love and light towards me, along with all of the energies around. I know that I have been away from this site for long, and I am sure that you will forgive me for the same. I have been busy with my personal life, professional life and am trying to take them to a higher level. I am also working on different Reiki healing, new methods on how to improve our healings.

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go here Buy Green Xanax Bars Online Last some days, I have been talking to you about Body talking, and using Reiki and other healing energies with it, so as to burn the blockages faster. I have shared that in body talking, we simply need to talk to body of our receiver, who could be a living or even any non living energy. We need to do this talk in a silent ambiance, and dark if possible too, as if we do it during our meditation, it is easier. We can do this if our receiver is with us, and also in distant, if the receiver is distant. Sometimes, our receivers have short of time or may have some other reasons, so we can also perform this talks in their absence.

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Buy Alprazolam China I have seen some amazing results in the healing I did after adding this to my healing procedures. I was happy to see that body parts / organs react so fast when I tried to interact with them. I realised that we all ignore and neglect our own body’s importance, until we are sick or are in need of some favour. This can be seen that when we are sick, we are often advised to take more of fresh fruits, vegetables or less oily, less spicy meals. This is done because our body finds it difficult to digest that kind of meal. It simply means that less oily, less spicy food, fresh fruits, vegetables are liked more by our body. If we take care of our own body and any other energy, trust me, we will never have any kind of problem. Our body will never get sick, if our immune system is strong and we take proper care of it. There is a wise saying, ‘precaution is better than cure’, so if we are cautious before spoiling anything and take our actions with care, nothing can spoil our future.


Buy Valium Phuket follow link Similarly, in case of relationships, our own words, actions and deeds spoil them. If we are careful with our words, so as to what we speak and to our all the actions and take full responsibility, we will have a happy relationship always. This relationship can be with our family, friends, spouse or even lovers. If there is something happened, it is never too late to repent and ask for apology. An open heart sincere apology is always excused and accepted. We all know that whenever we are authentic and being honest, the world listens. In order to be a good speaker, we need to be a good listener first. Therefore, in order to share our views, we must start listening. This listening means that we are open to all whatever our speaker is speaking and are fully enrolled in his words. Most of us however try to overlook when anyone else is speaking, and try to think of some other topic. We try to be present at many other places, instead of just being at one. This result is clear, as we lose our relationship, which is our prime concern, and later repent.

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Order Soma 350 Mg source site Using body talking, we can try to talk to our relationship in their presence or absence, and repent for our past mistakes. This talk can be repeated any number of time, provided we have to be authentic and true. If we get any reply or anything which we are asked to do during this conversation, we must follow and correct our past actions.

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Buy Ambien Paypal Buy Ambien Overnight Shipping I am sure that this will help all of us in our relationship, body healing and even healing of any other energy. We can also use Reiki symbol energy if needed to connect or healing during or before the talk. We can follow all the procedures as in Reiki, after taking permission, even during our meditation.

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go Thanks to you all for giving me this learning and making me able to share this here.

Order Xanax Bars Online Cheap Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

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