Are medicines really helping humans?

order Soma WITHOUT SCRIPT Buy Phentermine For Weight Loss Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all for all the support and love you are giving me and all of my fellow Reiki energies. I am thankful to you for your acceptance and understanding of Reiki by helping and making me learn many new lessons in life. I was born without clothes, knowledge and open to accept everything in life. Here I am, learning, sharing and still optimistic to continue the same in the rest of my life. Today’s article might shock most of you as it did to me even, and could help in a breakthrough for the future. My small words if touch, move or inspire you somewhere, do let me know, as I was completely sort of awaken from my sound sleep after this self realisation.

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Buy Generic Ambien Cr follow site I was talking with my friend Mr Mahender Agarwal yesterday about medicines and how does Reiki or other energies help any hum in healing. His common question was as always, does Reiki really work and heal people, or they heal themselves? Well, I was quite amazed with my discussion and a small word popped out of his mouth, that the medicines never help or heal any particular disease. The medical practitioners are cheating us humans in the name of medicines, and are  in reality, just killing us with the medicine, making us dependent on them for life. Buy Soma 500Mg After this small talk, this small discussion started haunting my subconscious mind as are we all really being cheated in the name of medicines? Is medical science helpless when it comes to treating anything or making us think a wrong way, are they making us rely on them for life, making us miserable and helpless? source site After thinking and rethinking, taking Ayurveda, Allopathic, Unani, Herbal medicines on one side and Reiki with other healing energies on the other side. I realised that Allopathic medicines were used to give any immediate relief, while other medicines start showing the same result after a few days, or may even take months in showing any result. Same is the case with other energies. In most of the health issues like kidney, liver damage, a patient has to take medicines for their life. Like in my own case, I am having Hypothyroids, and I am taking a small tablet everyday, or my wife’s temper rises. My parents and grand parents have diabetes and have to take tablets or insulin injection everyday. My cousin is suffering from hypertension, and as to take two tablets everyday. This is a small fact that they give immediate relief, and the sugar level, blood pressure level or else comes to desired level with in a few minutes, giving instant relief, as is needed by us humans. These tablets have to be taken regularly as prescribed, or there could be a disaster. Since we all have a fear of death, we take the medicines sincerely and honestly.

Buy Diazepam 5Mg Tablets Uk I have been teaching in my classes and I also know this small fact that our body itself is the best healer, which requires nothing to heal it. However nature have given us so many helping ways like fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, which help in our own healings. Why are we all getting newer diseases every year, why were earlier people getting more years to live, why do we have to take any medicine everyday, why are we getting dependent on medicines, why is our life on risk without medicine? 

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enter The answer can be also find under these small reasoning that Ayurveda, Homeopathic, Unani medicines work on our Liver, Kidney and metabolism, so that our own body gets energy to heal itself. They just heal and improve our body strength. Allopathic medicines just make our brain numb and senseless towards all body, which make it taking any further actions, making us think that it is medicine, which is helping us. This small understanding of medicines thru google uncle helped me in self realisation that in order to be healthy or heal ourself, we should try to work more on living with nature products, take very little of junk food, or completely boycott them from our lives, as are as their name says ‘JUNK’.

Buy Diazepam Online London follow Routine medicines or everyday medicines are making our body lazy, so our own body stops creating or generating the requirement. Like for example if someone earns or get a salary of about 2000 USD a month, and is offered same income, without any work to do. After a few months, if you ask the same person to do some work, who has done nothing for one year or more and getting desired salary, will be able to do nothing. Similarly, if we see, our regular medicine supplement requirement increases with the reduction of metabolism. In the same way, the useless person will also look for more salary after some interval, without much work as his expenses have grown.

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see url I would request you all to let our own body works on our immune system, metabolism and if needed, work on empowering it using nature’s help or alternative healing’s help. Avoid and boycott as much of allopathic medicines, as they will do nothing except making you dependent on them or will only worsen the situation.

source url Looking for your support, love and blessings on my mission to spread awareness, love and light in this universe.

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Zolpidem 10Mg Buy Thanks to you all.

enter site Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

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