Gratitude to all teachers on Teacher’s day

follow site Buy Xanax 2Mg Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all, my Reiki teachers, and everyone of you, who helped me in learning and being what I am today. I have been trying to be a good student and its my privilege to have you all as my teachers. I am using all that I am learning in my personal life, as it is said that ‘the one who take action wins, the one who stop, fails’. I never want to be called as a failure, since I had been a back bencher in school after my class VIIth. I still recognise that day, when I got failed in a school subject my class. I was avoiding¬†my homework, as I was taking myself as incompetent among them.

source url After being with my new friends in last few months, I realised that it was my past, which I was carrying with me, all of my life. After that day, I took my identity as a ‘failure’, which reflected in my life during many phases. However, I took a step, and accepted my new identity of being a ‘hitter’, which is now helping in taking any kind of actions, I should be taking. Now, I am without any fear, without any tension of what may be the consequence. I am now living a stress free life, as for life is uncertain and I can die anytime. Death is one of those immortal truths, which none can defy or run from.

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get link Buy Xanax Tablets Online I am thankful to you all my real teachers, who taught me and showed me that I should start living in NOW. Living in with past failures or future dreams is useless, until we start living in NOW. I saw the same fear in my friend (spiritual mother)’s eyes, when she was diagnosed with Cancer. I knew that her eyes were asking me ‘save me Vineet’ as I know that it is difficult to have a painful and suffering death. But I also knew that her Cancer is curable and she will be free from it, so there was nothing much to worry. Still, this small time frame of three whole months, made her to start living in present.¬† go to site I am sure that this living in now will help her, as have helped me and many of my fellow energies. We all should learn a lesson from our past failures, but so should ignore to learn from our successes. Behind our every success, there is a small reason, which is that we took some action and lived in to it. We ignored and boycott any short cut or fear. This gave rise to our success. Believe me, if we just follow the old way, using which we failed in past, we are going to fail again in our future. Therefore, we must change and start living differently.

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Buy Xanax Denver Buy Yellow Xanax Online I know that it is difficult for all to give up their past and just live in now, but trust me, there is a lot of life when we start living in it. There could be some break downs, but there will be break thru too. We should understand that life is just like a roller coster ride, ups and downs will have to be there. If there is only ups and ups, the life will become tasteless. We all take food, where as some of us like spicy food, where as some like sweet. The food will become tasteless, if it has only one taste. Therefore, in order to live a life properly, bumpers are necessary.

see source site In this bumpy journey, I thank you all to be with me, teaching, guiding me till now and future.

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Buy Valium Wholesale Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

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