Cleansing and healing of Heart Chakra

Order Phentermine Online Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for accepting and sending your comments, views on our earlier articles. In continuation to information about cleansing and healing of our Chakras, we are today sharing about our Heart Chakra.

click As we all know, location of our Heart Chakra is at our Heart region, and is one of the main Chakras of our seven (nine as per my personal intention theory) Chakras.

Buy Ambien Bangkok Like in our earlier article, we mentioned that intake of fresh fruits, vegetables as per our Chakra colour, helps in a better cleansing of that particular Chakra. Since the colour of Heart Chakra is green, we should take more of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are green in colour. They are for example Gourd, beans, coriander, spinach, guava, mint leaves etc. These all can be eaten fresh or we can also take their juice. To their juice, rock salt may be added for taste, and I am sure that rock salt will also help additionally. We recently realised that fruits, vegetables or dry fruits, with same as the shape of organs also help the organ. So now. if we look at Heart Chakra similarity, we can also take apple, apricots, peach for more cleansing.

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see Wearing green coloured clothes, putting on green stones also help. For healing of Heart Chakra, we can use touch healing, which works best. In case of distance Reiki healing, shower of green coloured light works faster and gives an immediate outcome. We have seen a great healing and cleansing effects of what we shared above. As for example, I myself was having a very high BP, which was cured using gourd and coriander juice, where as I also added slight of cucumber and rock salt for taste. 

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follow link I continued doing my self touch healing, EFT and PSI, where as in PSI, I was taking a shower in green coloured light. After about a period of 2 months, my blood pressure is very much normal, and I am working on self for some more number of days. I am sure that in a period of 3-4 months, I will be back to normal, without the use of any medicine. This is just for the reason as I am scared of allopathic medicine, which are to be taken for blood pressure. These medicines as doctors say, once started, should never be stopped. In order to stay away from any of such kind of addiction, I preferred using natural remedies and Reiki, which I trust more then anything. I just want you all to use anything you want or like, but my advise is to contact your fellow Reiki Master, before starting it. This is because for different energies are to be used for different kind of Heart Chakra healings, like in we have high and low blood pressure, so different blockages might need different process and energies to burn them.

Cheap Valium Bulk Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

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