Coverting break downs to break thru using Reiki and human psychology buy Soma with no rx, purchase Soma COD Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your kind acceptance and sharing your experiences with us. Your experiences and learnings have been helping us in our journey towards self realisation and helping our fellow energies for the same.


Buy Valium Hanoi go to link As I had shared in my last article here, I have started taking sittings with fellow energies, in identifying barriers and how to burn them. It is really a learning experience for me, as every session with any energy leaves a mark on how do we ourselves create these barriers, which over the time, get too strong that it becomes difficult to break without any help / support.


Buy Alprazolam Usa click here Let me share with you about my personal experience, when I had my break thru. It was 5th of March 2014, when we all friends were sitting and discussing about our break downs. After sometime, Ashmeen Munjal, started talking to me about my personal life, and where I lack in life, or where I feel like surrendering. I was confused, but then she asked me to give any example of area, where I want to make changes, but feel helpless. I gave her the example of this Reiki blog, as I had been thinking of making changes in the layout, but due to our fellow Reiki grand Master Navneet Mathur, it was being delayed for over a year now. I have been asking him to make changes on this site and also on my irrigation site, but look like he was having some other important issues, then mine. Ashmeen asked me, that how do I felt like in this whole scenario, and I replied that I feel myself as being a ‘football’. It made her laugh a bit and so do others, as I was doing exactly as one. I just was doing as asked like waiting for another week, which never came. After this small realisation, she asked me, on what I would like to be, if I want to be, so there was one strange word that came thru my mind.


Buy Diazepam For Dogs I want to be a ‘hitter’!! this was indeed, could never be a normal dictionary word. However, it was just a vinictionary word, (Vineet’s dictionary). I am sure you are all laughing too or have a grin on ur face now. Well, I discussed a few more things, and now on, I am living my life as being a ‘hitter’ I am now a transformed energy, who have started hitting (I mean taking actions) in my life. I immediately called Jitender (another fellow Reiki Master) from our centre Reiki Energy Healers, and asked him to do as I had thought of.

go Being a hitter, I am now taking all the possible actions needed for my new, transformed life. After this self achievement, I am now able to help other fellow energies too, in their break thru. I am sure that my small sitting with them will be helpful to you all in finding and breaking the barrier.

Buy Phentermine With Online Prescription Order Valium Overnight Delivery I am thankful to Ashmeen, fellow energies and all those who explained and started this human psychology teaching.

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go Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours

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